June 13, 2009

Birds, monsters and invincibles.

Bird, embroidered by a 7-year old girl.

Porcupine, detail of an asafo flag of the Fante.

Detail of the Abigail Pett's bed hanging (1700)

Fante monster, detail from asafo flag.

'If you kill a thousand, a thousand will come'
The porcupine was considered to be an ideal
warrior, able to shoot its pines at an enemy
and then quickly to grow more to continue
the fight. Mmmm

Don't know what this creature is, looks pretty
harmless. :-) Asafo.


  1. haha die laatste! ziet er idd redelijk harmless uit. leuke post!

  2. this 7 year old girl must be really talented! i heart embroidery.

  3. the bird is beautiful :)

  4. wow i love the bird so much. incredible kid!

  5. These works are little short of enchanting. beautiful imagery drawn with thread and colour.

  6. lovely blog and I love asafo flags, those designs are great ! do you know patchwork from benin ?