June 25, 2009

Things i would love to do... once.

I would love to run a children's embroidery
The idea came up to me after i found this cute
little book. The title means 'free embroidery
with children'

Maybe you still remember the beautiful bird,
made by Suzanne, a 7 year old girl.
This embroidery was part of a Swedish expe-
riment in the early sixties, with the intention
to encourage the children's fantasy and confidence.
The teaching took place in groups of 12 to 16
girls and boys from 6-12 years.
There was no technical skill demanded and the
children were completely free how to interprete
their drawings into the needlework.
You can see here there creative process.
I love to see all these tiny little (probably sticky
and strawberry smelling) hands and the huge
concentration of the children.
The pictures are old and out of focus sometimes,
but what a cuties.

The littlest ones got help with the transfer on
the tissue.

Here's Pia, her embroidery was used for
the cover of the book.

Anna, working on her pixie.

Anna again, these are my two favourites:)

Ann is trying to put the thread into the
needle, have a closer look at her hands,
likely she was in the playground a little
while ago :)
I wonder what happened to Suzanne and
her bird, there's no picture from her in the
Maybe she's still living in Stockholm and making
some nice embroideries. We'll never know.
Have a look at this wonderful embroidery-
asked to make a picture of a loved memory
of their native country. I'm really touched
by seeing all this delicate melancholy.


  1. this post is so sweet, what a lovely book.

  2. hello~
    i'm so glad to have come across your work and your blog!

  3. Beautiful! Do you know this one from 1980?

  4. Oh, what a treasury! What a wonderful project! Maybe you could travel the world with your teaching course? :) My daughters (+myself!) would enrol! Lovely lovely post, Renilde. Thanks. Kylie x

  5. Thank you for mentioning my project, and for visiting my blog! Best wishes, Katherine

  6. Oh wow! I´m so impressed of this kids! Wonderful!

  7. prachtig, die concentratie op die kopjes! Mijn oudste naait nu op plankjes. We hebben een foto van ons 2 naast elkaar allebei aan het borduren naast elkaar, helemaal in onze werkjes.

  8. heel schoon en schattig die kleintjes! vind vooral het portret op de kaft heel heel mooi!

  9. I recently purchased Stitchery For Children and love it as well. These old books are so inspiring and make me wish for a simpler life.
    I've been enjoying my visit.

  10. you made my day ! this post is just wonderful! i mean it!

    Best A

  11. Het zou super zijn als je dit soort projecten op poten kunt zetten. Hoeveel de kinderen hiervan leren, tellen, concentratie...tegenwoordig (bij mijn kinderen op school) ligt het aan de leerkracht wat ze aan handenarbeid doen. Doen!
    En ik vind je werk erg mooi, de rust en tijd...de basis...
    Enne...ik lees net datje jarig bent!
    Gefeliciteerd. Hartelijke groet,

  12. Gelukkige verjaardag Renilde!
    I bought the book Rosa linked to and it is so inspiring. Now I would like the same as yours. Sewing and embroidering with kids is something I would really love to do. Maybe in september...

  13. Heel fijne verjaardag Renilde!

  14. thanks to everybody for the nice comments!:)
    to rosa pomar: really nice, that book, love the snail!
    to caterine: i hope it for you too! i'm looking forward to the pictures.

  15. hello, i just crossed paths with your wonderful blog via dearada. so very happy to find it! the children's embroidery book is so delightful--and it seems you must do this class sometime!

  16. oh i love, love, love this, like everything you post. you are very inspiring x

  17. niets mooier dan die geconcentreerde blikken en handjes van die meisjes.
    een heel mooie blog overigens!