June 02, 2009

My favourite embroideries.

I love 17th century embroideries;
this jacket dates from 1610-1620, and
was worn by Margaret Laton, daughter of Sir
Hugh Browne, a merchant of the City of Londen.
She married Francis Laton, one of the Yeoman
of the Jewel House. ( like to read this, so i can
imaging this Margaret in her lovely jacket)

Woman's jacket, dating from the first quarter
of the 17th century. If you look closely, you will
recognize: roses, honeysuckle, pansies, cornflo-
wer, strawberries, currants and acorns.
Used stitches: chain, stem, satin, trellis, darning,
plaited braid stich and couching.

I will only mention the flowers: honeysuckle,
borage, pansy, foxglove, rose, cornflower and
carnation. Amazing.

Three-dimentional peapods and worms.

I took all the images from ' Historical Fashion
in detail, the 17th and 18th Centuries'
If you like to know more about embroidery stitches
look here.


  1. yes, amazing. so decorative. and endless work and effort it seems.

  2. hm amazing. i loved looking at the old tapestries at the louvre. i could look at them for hours :)

  3. oh how i enjoy your posts...