July 17, 2009

The good old days, some very old summerpics.

Summer 1950.
I saw this photo in the newspaper the other day, and
i liked it so much that i could't throw it away just like that.
This image reminds me on the beautiful Tati movie 'Les vacances de
Mr. Hulot' and it also gives me the opportunity to reminisce
about the good old days.:)
I used to watch the Tour in the early and mid seventies, not
that a was that interested, but my dad and grandma were pretty
fanatic tour lovers. My grandma even darkened the room
to create a sort of home cinema, and we liked to hear her flood of
observations and curses.
My grandma was wild and we enjoyed her performance.
It was the time of Eddy Merckx.
But this snapshot is taken 20 years earlier. The pack is having a
refreching jump in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez,
very agaist the will of the tour-organizer. He was furious
and called it 'a carnivalesque activity' :)
My grandmother's younger brother, Jos Verhaert,
participated the Tour in 1950, and i have this
little fantasy that he's on this pic and have a plunge
with his teammates. But as i said, it's only a fantasy.

Summer 1964.
Waterplay in sink bathtub, this wasn't Saint-Tropez
but we loved it. We had also a sandbox and a
huge garden .
There was a stretch of woodland in front of the
house and behind our backyard.
From left to right: my sister, Maria-Christina, Angelina, Florentina.
Me, Renilde Emilia Clementina.
My brother, Johan, Martin, Rene.

My dad and my grandma.
I like the crocheted ensemble.

And what about my grand uncle,
he went head over heals back home, because
his wife was giving birth to a son.
Exit Tour
I was hiding two mice in this post.


  1. He tante Nild, das plezant om zomzerherinneringen te zien die zo bekent voorkomen. maakten jullie ook zandpisten om knikkers te laten koersen? groetjes tante zje(das ook vanuit een verleden...pien,eli)
    ps IK LeerENGELs!!!

  2. echt mooi hoe je ons door enkele zinnen helemaal terug in een tijd, die ik nooit heb meegmaakt of gekend, kan doen wegzinken.

    (en ezelsvel, absoluut één van mijn lievelingssprookjes)

  3. Oh how fabulous! This was so lovely, Renilde... but where are the mice?! I must be going blind! :) K

  4. Wonderful photo collection and memories.

  5. Aan Zjé: begin ook maar snel een blog.
    wat betreft de zandbak, ik maakte altijd een grote burcht met twee gekruiste gangen erdoor, en dan daarrond paden voor de ridders, indianen en cowboys op hun paarden.

    To Kylie, if you enlarge the two coloured pics, you will see them, one blue and the other pink. When i was a kid, there was a special Tour-newspaper every evening. Inside was always a big black and white cartoonlike drawing with 1 hidden mouse, it was fun for the kids to find that mouse.:)