July 30, 2009

Tree of life

This little nine ball tree was the very first start of my
collaboration with Mieke and Veronik.
Lets say, this is the primal tree :-), it dates from
before the shop.
I remember M & V were always making plans for
their would-be shop; of course nobody was taken
them seriously, even for me, it was hard sometimes
to believe in their project.
But one day, the shop was a fact, at least ,
they got a loan.

they went to see my work.
I have this sampler embroidery hanging on the wall.
It is a big cloth of joined together smal pieces of canvas.
Large parts of the sampler are needle lace tryouts
(i will show in another post), but i got bored
after a time and the lacing was not making progress
quickly enough; i just wanted to have that work
finished so i could hang it on the wall.

... I filled up the empty parts with trees, most of
them were taken over from designs i had seen on
old samplers, sometimes i was adding some
corrections or fantasies.
Anyway, it was fun to do :-)

Ok, to cut a long story short, they both choose
for the nine ball tree; we decided to make a series
of pincushions for the shop.
That's that.

I went to see the chopped tree in the garden
this morning...

... isn't that a stunning colour match!
i mean, with the flaked off shed :-)


  1. just beautiful! Tree of Life very inspiring

  2. I really love all of these!

  3. So soooooooooo gorgeous, Renilde! Your pin cushions are divine but I have to say your wall hanging just takes my breath away! If you ever want to sell it, please let me know!!!
    So sad to see a tree stump like that. I hope it starts growing shoots again and your neighbours don't notice! ;) Kylie x

  4. such beautiful,beautiful work, I am in awe of your embroderies......the clours, the designs, the positioning, not to mention the skill, just so beautiful!
    (can you tell I love them?)

  5. this is so beautiful! i especially like the second picture. i need to learn how to embroider!

  6. haha, das wel grappig, die chopped tree daar zo tussen :) heel mooi alles alweer!! die pincushions zijn echt al klassiekers in mijn ogen!

  7. It's a beautiful tree with a nice story!

  8. lovely lovely lovely!

  9. These are so pretty! I love the colors and minimal design! Great work!

    Have a great weekend! ox

  10. What beautiful embroidery you do Renilde- it really is an inspiration-
    Have a lovely day,

  11. Color match indeed. How great everything looks, like the story too.

  12. hé renilde, ik ben ook blij dat ik terugben, ha! en bovendien wou ik dat ik ook zoveel geduld had om zo'n frisse fijne dingen te borduren! die boot van een paar posts geleden is heel mooi!

  13. Very inspiring :) Love your work!

  14. I am in love with your work. I wish M.W. had an online shop! Just to have that pincushion would make sewing all the lovelier...

  15. this is a very beautiful post. sorry for the tree. but the colours really match... so actually it`s not so sad, cause the chopped tree continues living in your works:)

  16. i adore the trees you are filling it in with
    I love vintage textiles and samples