August 02, 2009

Willy and Christine.

I had my weekend in the country side with my sister
and her husband, Willy.
They have a son and a daughter but they already left
the house, so i can pop in whenever i want, there's
always a free bed.
This morning i woke up with a headache, so i took
a pill and went again in bed for some time ...
with my camera :-)

Those crazy roosters scream the place down,
every morning, it is not always funny but it is
good background music :-), please scroll.

Always a good raison to get up is Billie!

It was raining the whole morning, so i took some
pictures from the house.
The pic above is Willy and his younger brother and sister.

Willy's honey-label collection, he's a bee-keeper
in his spare time.

Goodies from their garden.

My sister with a banana.

Their chicken house :-)
Inside the chicken house.
They overloaded me with honey, jam , a bread,
six eggs and veggies from the garden when i
took the train back home.
I forgot some of my stuff :-( , there might be a chance
i'll have to go back :-) !



  1. Oh how lovely! Your rooster video was so funny - I loved the light moving across the wall and the calls from the background :) Loving the hen house! Those grapes look delicious! K

  2. I think my mother was holding a cucumber from the garden instead of a banana...

  3. no, it was a very overzised banana, that's also
    the raison why she was laughing, because it was huge! Pien?

  4. Hihi, a huge banana... :) oowkeej, i'll change the story... For me it had always been a cucumber but a big banana is much more funy!

  5. I always wanted chickens but maybe not so much now.;) Great photos.

  6. looks like a great little vacation.

  7. What a lovely visit - and to go back with honey must make it doubly good! (I first thought that the hedgehog's name was Willie, and I was looking to find where the tiny little hedgehog brother and sister was, and THEN I realized you were referring to the picture behind the hedgehog. I am sometimes a bit slow that way ...) PS ABout the reinvention - no I didn't forget my thumb, I left it free intentionally - after I hurt it a year ago, I realized how important one's thumb is when 1) writing 2)turning keys, 3) opening doors 4) opening the tap and 5) unscrewing bottle caps!! But I really like your idea of using it as the joker in the pack!

  8. hi hi, it`s always a good trick to forget something. one has to go back;)
    ps. the photo of your sister and the banana, hilarious! (i hope this is the right english word to describe myself, i`m not so perfect in using english..)

  9. zijn dat die lekkere tomaten voor de saus?

  10. I have been going through your pages after pages, and found your blog very attractive one.
    Really enjoying looking at all the lovely pictures you share with us.
    Thank you.