August 04, 2009

A day in bed & daydreaming.

I spend again a whole day in bed with headache
yesterday :-( , but it sounds worser than it was.
Once i'm getting over my initial frustration about
facing one or maybe two days in pain & doing nothing,
the 'Resignation' follows, and i'm trying to regard
a day in bed as a rest day...

... so, i was in bed yesterday, listening to music
and daydreaming. After some time, ideas and
images start popping up spontaniously, i only
have to receive them and say Thank You.
All free and for nothing.
So, all things considered, migraines can be very
fruitful sometimes :-)

I'm in my John Zorn phase for the moment,
the pics here come from 'The Dreamers',
i'm crazy about the design too.
Didn't knew Heung-Heung-Chin yet, she's a designer
living in NY. Have a look here.

The drawings inside are printed on tracing paper,
what makes them more moony, i think they're

This is my 'Little Baby T. Rex dreaming', the
original idea was 'Baby T. Rex playing the marbles',
but i spoiled the lower part of the body, so i
concentrated on his mind; what an innocent
and virgin spot:-)
I think he's in good company here.
Another lovely spot to stay is this one.


  1. I wish I was inspired like that while having a migraine. Love the images. Your t-rex is adorable and I love your thoughts on him. Too cute. xoxo

  2. i think that's a lovely way to look at a day in bed. hope you get better soon.

    p.s. my blog is having a giveaway, maybe some free photos will cheer you up! come on over :)

  3. auts, i hope your migraine is better, or at least still fruitful:)
    i love day dreaming. although lately i haven`t got too many ideas, i have just been enjoying about dreaming..

  4. Hope your migraine has passed? Such fabulous finds and what a wonderful little T-Rex! You are blessed with a fruitful mind :) K

  5. hello everybody! thanks for your concern, my migraine has stopped yesterdayevening.
    To outi: i love your english but i think the English-speaking delegation of bloggers sometimes have big fun with us!:-)i'm imagining it must sound like the 'Alo, alo' series.

  6. thanks for your sweet comment on my giveaway post! i love all your suggestions.

  7. ik zal het morgen aan daan laten zien je t rex