August 18, 2009

Le Bonheur des Dames.

I have a friend who's responsable for the textile
department of the Breda's Museum, so, for her
work she has to travel abroad quite often.
She surprised me the other day with these cute
leather thimbles from 'Le Bonheur des Dames' ,
purchased when she was in Paris.
They remind me of some kind of prosthesis,
Love that pink & skin and the two green dots.
I also got from her a box full of yarns, i'm well
provided now. Sorted out the skin & pink tones
for the fotoshoot.

From an old issue of '100 idees' .

Not yet finished blouse with application and
embroidery. ( that is for later :-)
There will be an exhibition in the Breda's Museum
about textiles in September, look here.
For more Ladies Delight have a look at Emma Cassi's


  1. oh, it's the pink of Germolene... do you know it? An antiseptic cream that came in a blue tin... it smelt distinctive too. I can smell it looking at your photos!

  2. Very cool thimbles. The last two photos are of a blouse of your making, Renilde? So beautiful!!

  3. to fancy elastic: i don't know this germolene-gel, but it's funny you can smell it by seeing the timbles:-)

    to jennifer: i started with the blouse many years ago, it is always a Five-Year plan here.

  4. again, you opened your treasure box and it's so beautiful what you make!
    as a teenager i was literally living in the 100 idees issues, we just had a few ones, i knew everyone by heart, when looking at the old covers my early teendays unfolded...
    and the five year plan is a good idea!

  5. oh and i would love to see the exhibition at the bredas museum, the marrocan embroidery and ah, everything else...

  6. You do very interesting work. I love this materials!
    oh, and very good links, thank you ;)

  7. Oh my... so much gorgeousness I barely know where to begin :) Firstly, what are timbles? I can't work it out I'm afraid. Those yarns look divine and the 100Ideas photos are just sublime :) I love your applique and embroidered blouse... it's all gorgeous. I'll be in Paris in September so hopefully I'll squeeze in a visit to Le Bonheur des Dames!! (So exciting!) Such a fabulous post Renilde and the links are ace! I'm just off to have a peek at Breda's Museum now... K x

  8. Ken je de roze koeken...daar doet me dat roze laagje aan denken...
    Maar de roze-hier zijn prachtig!

  9. Wow, I forgot all about 100 idées magazine. I used to LOVE it. Too bad they don't publish it anymore.

    Thanks for the flashback. Pretty pink pictures.

  10. love all these photos, those pretty pale, pink and skin color tones are just amazing. and what an amazing blouse you're making. beautiful embroidery!

  11. i have actually been to breda! If i go there again, I will be sure to see the museum!

    I used to have those leather thimbles, but I don't know where I put them. I always lose things. The would be helpful for all your needlework!

  12. Woow, the blouse is beautiful! I love your pink collection!

  13. these thimbles are very interesting,wonderful textures and color combination.
    a great inspiration!

    love the colors (and threads) of this post and your sweet pink blouse :)