July 25, 2009

New projects.

I'm behind in my work, finished the winter-
house cushion this week :-) , still have a lot of
stuff to complete that a started last winter, but
I already focused my mind on another project ;
it will be about the great discoveries, mysterious
places and not yet discovered weird animals.
This three-master is taken over by some Aliens
and Hybrids, i copied this boat from an old drawing.
There will be a lot of vessels to see the next few weeks.
The new pin-cushion series will be the same theme.
I hope you will like naval scenery and sea battles
(in this case with Aliens from outer space)
i love it anyway:-)

The End


  1. Wow i love the boat!! its amazing.

  2. The great discoveries project looks very promising - looking forward to seeing mroe!

  3. oooh dat kussen, dat ken ik nog niet! ook heeeel mooi! wacht maar tot de bloggers die andere bootjes ook nog gaan zien, dit wordt echt geweldig. ik verwacht een stormloop! mooie foto's ook! xx

  4. Soooo cool!!! I love it! Pirates and aliens! I am exactly the same with my projects - so many things waiting to be finished but my mind is thinking of the new stuff! :) Have fun playing with these! Kylie x

    p.s. Renilde - did you know Angela @ 3 buttons has done a post about you? Her link is: http://threebuttons.blogspot.com/
    Congratulations! Everyone loves you see?!

  5. your take on all things is very wonderful!

  6. hee reinhilde, ziet er allemaal heel heel heel mooi uit! ik kan niet wachten...
    hoe gaat het met mijn planten en mijn huisje?
    veeel groetjes, tot gauw.

  7. Your artwork is so pretty and elegant! I always enjoy your post. Very inspring!! Thank you! oxox

  8. woohoo! love it already.

  9. salut! i love the little houses you've been showing. i would definitely hang one of those on my wall.

  10. oh wow there is something going on!
    good luck with the vessels and the hmmm weird animals;)