July 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hi V, i just wanted to say that everything is ok
here. The plants are doing well and everything's
still looking fresh. K's peppers look exacly the same
as the day you've left. We've had two gigantic
downpours, so there was no need to water the
plants outside. Hope you feel reassured by seeing
these pics.

I was making some photos of the neighbours'
courtyard while Mieke had photoshoot with
your egg-cups for the 'Things we both
have' session. We feld a bit like trespassing your
property.:) I had a look in some art books , want
to have this one!!!!!!!!!
I took one Côte d'Or chocolate.

Mieke under the fig. She said: 'figs are the most
beautiful trees there are!', and i agreed.
But now that i'm writing this, i have to reconsider
this point of view, but figs are definitely in my top 10

i have to say hello to you from the bird, he's
missing you.:-) XXX


  1. heel leuk om te lezen renilde, je bent een echte verhalenverteller! tot gauw! xxxx

  2. dank je wel reinhilde. hier ben ik echt heel heel blij van geworden! ik heb snel last van heimwee.. en hier is het helemaal niet zoals bij mij thuis! vergeet de krant niet mee te nemen, ze is voor jou. en je kan een boek wel even lenen he. vandaag sonja delaunay tekeningen gezien in het moma, moest aan je denken. dank je! tot gauw!

  3. je hebt waarschijnlijk wel door dat ik anonymous ben haha.
    xx veronik

  4. Beautiful, simple pictures.... I like it!!

  5. yee that book... if i would have it i would wish for many rainy days that i would have time to build all the huts and castles and all those exciting things i found there..

  6. This is lovely post! I like fig tree too. There is a big fig tree in the courtyard where I live and I can see it from my kitchen widow. They are so lovely!! ox

  7. a wonderful piece of writing, with beautiful pictures. i want a window with green plants growing like in the first picture.