May 11, 2010

Empty shelves.



The shelves are nearly empty now and the greater part
of my materials is stored in boxes; don't like this part of the moving
for I'm missing my daily routine with the toys and fabrics and yarns
and everything, and besides, my place is not homey anymore.

by way of distraction, I was taking some photos
-could be the last ones in this appartment- on
differend moments while emptying the shelves:

1. evening shot
2. morning shot
4. night shot
5. noon shot

I came across with some lost objects too, such as
my thermometer and the Big Red Animal's eyeballs,
if you click on photo 5 you can see them in the
bottom left corner of the shelve, so funny to see
these frightening objects in another perspective :-)



Everything is ok
You see :-)


  1. Your sheves look like art's installation!
    and I so much love your stories :)
    We are finally moving and I started packing because I'm very slow...I like to take it easy and most of all I get lost very often.
    Oh how much I hate the all packing process!
    Good you're almost over :)
    We will be in the new house by the beginning of june...urrah!

  2. ah soon you'll be all settled in your new place. it's tricky moving, it all takes so much time and energy, and everything is inevitably up in the air for a time.

  3. I wonder for how long has this
    apartment been home to you
    and your special things?

  4. Love the colours of these photos!

  5. Hope Little Joe is giving you a helping hand, and Arthur is taking care of Barbarella...
    they must be excited too ;-)

  6. Your photos are wonderful Renilde. Good luck with the move. I'm sure you'll have so much fun finding new spots for everything in your new home... then the sun will come out! ;) Kx

  7. i really like these photos. good luck with the move!

  8. my boyfriend just moved out of his families house today, into his own place, he was so sad. new beginnings are good though. good luck with the move!
    lovely photographs