May 18, 2010

Farewell to my old place.

I took these photos while it was already growing dark,
that's why they are so unsharp; this post is meant as
a bye bye to my old place and kitchen for my life has
completely changed since I moved in here some three
years ago and I did love this place very much :-)
The bottom pic with the paprika boxes was my favourite
depot in the kitchen, I'm clearing it out now, the boxes
keep coming like rabbits out of a hat :-)
I also bumped into the lost mayonaise, Billie's favourite
sauce :-)

The Move is on saturday!


  1. These last few posts are so interesting with the photos of spaces being taken apart and put back together. Moving a household is lots of work, but also a chance to reinvent oneself a bit, I think. Good luck with it!

  2. Jouw thuis voor nog enkele dagen zag er altijd heel gezellig uit. Ja. Afscheid nemen...
    Gelukkig vergezellen jouw theeboxvrienden, nachtvrienden,... ook mee. Nooit schrik hebben om de dingen niet te vinden in je nieuwe thuis.
    Veel verhuisplezier gewenst!

  3. Ah those vintage groceries!
    the mayo is just the perfect addition,
    lucky Billie with such a auntie!
    It's funny, we also spent 3 years in our house and we will move in the new one in about two weeks...I know those mixed feeling...very happy to move forward but a bit nostalgic for the past.
    Enjoy your new home, Renilde.
    I'm looking forward for your new posts!

  4. Oh, I know this feeling too well. Good luck to you & courage!

  5. i realy like the second picture!

  6. So fabulous! I love the mayonaise and your wonderful creations for Billie are just so cute! (I missed that post last year when we were travelling). Good luck with the move on Saturday Renilde! Kx