May 19, 2010

About children.

Utopia Children's House; children set up a Christmas
scene with their own arts and crafts. NY 1930

Me as a horse, I'm the one with
those ridiculous white shoes, probably from my
first Communion;
I can remember the fight with my mom very well,
I've had countless discusions with her about clothing
ever since I was a young girl;
this one was about the colour of my shoes; our teacher
had charged us to wear white socks, black shoes, black
leggings and a white shirt for the school party;
this was mom's logic: If black is the standard,
than white is good enough;
you can see the result here, what a flop :-)

For more New York photos look here.


  1. ah c'mon you see, you were standing out of the crowd!

  2. haha! your mom sounds like my mom! when she did stuff like that, I was terribly embaressed!
    you make a cute horsey!

  3. hee hee... i know that feeling too. maybe that's why i would never make such logics as a mother now. i think. i hope.

    happy moving to you! new place looks great!

  4. What a fabulous photo! but a flop? No way! You stand out from the crowd - I call that a great success :) Kx

  5. Perhaps she wanted all eyes
    riveted to her daughter?
    Your sense of humor never
    fails to amuse. :^)

  6. This gave me a giggle, I completely relate to this story! When I was growing up, my mother wanted me to wear plaid and dress like a secretary :^)

  7. moms are funny, aren't they? my mother wouldn't let me use hairspray when i was in high school, so i hid my hairspray in a closet and right before i went out the door, i'd spray my hair with tons of spray. of course my mother heard me (she must have had super ears) but i ran out the door. now i look back and know she was spray is terrible! your blog always makes me laugh; great sense of humor.....thanks!

  8. haha! cute story and love the photos.

  9. love these photos! she just wanted you to be the white horse that stood out from the herd. ;)

  10. renilde ...I have to tell you , I was the only girl wearing black shoes ! at my communion ....the shame (my mum said I 'd get no wear from white one s ......I will never forget my feelings of not fitting in :(
    now I dont care !!
    happy times for you and all your friends in your new home :)

  11. This si too funny. You poor thing!