May 24, 2010

Pleasant chaos.

I desperately need more shelves and there's so
much to be done yet but I had a 'dolce far niente' day;
sunshine makes every chaos bearable :-)
The middle pic is an improvised supply closed in the
Lily-of-the-valley present; did some gardening too,
more photos later.


  1. I hear ya on the shelving! we've just moved into the first home we've ever bought, and we have too much stuff, and not enough room, but love it soooooo much! It's exciting problem solving :) Have fun with it, and how beautiful is the light in your place - just gorgeous. cheers, K.

  2. lovely lovely. the kitchen space and floor boards and really beautiful! as are all of your bits and pieces:)

  3. nice light! your kitchen looks great ;)

  4. Enjoy your day, miss Renilde.
    Your place is great, the floorboards amazing and that arc that separate the two spaces it reminds me of italians houses...sigh, I miss italian style really!
    (We are already talking that the next move will be to go back to our beloved italY).
    happy dolce far niente to you!
    CIAO bella :)

  5. Je hebt gelijk! Alles komt wel op zijn plaats.
    De foto's van de verhuischaos stralen toch rust uit. Op zo'n kookvuur zou ik ook wel willen werken!

  6. your home is so pretty!
    Wish you a lovely day!*

  7. Ben verliefd op de foto's van je nieuwe thuis, het ziet er zo leuk uit ! Doet mij verlangen naar een eigen plek.

  8. such a beautiful light!

    i have had some problems with my computer and haven´t been here for a while- i have a lot to see :)

    all the best to you renilde and your new home!

  9. Looks as if you are settling in. I have been in my home for 4 years and still find myself reorganizing, moving things about.

  10. guess what, your new apartment is really beautiful:)
    such beautiful light, and you have made it look so cozy already.

    in Finland people bring salt and rye bread to new home, i send a thought of this for you thru the air now... here it comes!

  11. your new home looks so good! beautiful light, beautiful things. it's such an exciting time, moving to a new home. lot of work but still!

  12. great place...guess now we want more photos

  13. Lovely! I bet that is a very nice and relaxing place to live.

  14. Wow, it all looks lovely, the light is amazing .... all seems to be going well !!!

  15. looks lovely :)

    All the best with the new house.