May 09, 2010

New life, part two.

I was trying out some Hocus Pocus with the
avocadostone last night; the regular procedure
is going far to slow for me :-)

this morning there was a crack!
You can even make out a potato face if you look closer!
Cheers for Experimental Research :-)

Happy Sunday :-)
Look here for New Life part one.
The silkpainting is a detail from a scarf.


  1. Please give me the magic formula, my avocado stone is still doesn't give any sign of life!

    love this set of photos :)

  2. Als je de pit een dagje laat drogen en de bruine korst eraf haalt voordat je hem met stokjes in een potje water hangt, gaat het kiemen sneller.
    Die derde foto lijkt wel een kuikenembryo in een dooierzak!

    na 7 lange weken eindelijk de grond in …toevallig vandaag nog vastgelegd :)

  4. like that face!

    so you are a experimental scientist too,
    you lucky lady!
    that third photo- can we make a deal that it´s mine? ;)
    have a sparkling week!

  5. love the face and the dots.

  6. So funny - so fun :) I think you're a soul-sister with my youngest daughter! She has all of these experiments going on all over the house too ;) Her latest one is soaking an egg in vinegar for 3 days and it makes the shell go rubbery :)) Just love it. Kx

  7. oh lucky you!!! my avocado seed hasn't done anything for months!!!

  8. oh this is gini by th e way!