November 26, 2009

The alphabet as cityscape.

The weather was horrible today, i stayed indoors,
nothing special to do, browsing into some old
baselines, bumped into a very cool alphabet,
turned out to be from Peter Grundy, never heard
of this artist.

Peter Grundy's alphabet.
Hail ball on the windowsill, :-(


  1. i love typography. i once did a project in high school to make up a typeface. so much fun!

  2. What a fabulous book!! I'm going to google him now - his work looks incredible. Thanks Renilde. Hope the weather improves for you - want to come to hot Brisbane and house sit for us while we're on our summer holidays? :) K

  3. wow - that loks really great. i love the 4th alphabet, very much. i wish i knoew more about type designers, it seems like such a great past time. hail! chilly! rug up:)

  4. supermooi alfabet! zou die x een beetje inspiratie halen uit ons atomium?

  5. aan J: zou heel goed kunnen, hij is trouwens geboren in '58, wat denk je?

  6. supermooi jong!
    mooie kleuren ook!

  7. ik ben trouwens duizend keer nat thuisgekomen gisteren, vreselijk.
    had dus wel heel veel zin om net als jou gezellig thuis te blijven!