November 24, 2009

Making preparations for the winter.

I was making some pattern & colour samples
for a warm jumper, can't decide yet which
one i'm gonna take for the jersey, probably the
brown & black pattern.
It looks very much jacquard but is far more easy to
knit. Made my favourite bonnet also in this pseudo
jacquard stitch. There was no time left for making
bonnets for Mieke Willems shop this year, but
they have lots of bedsocks!!!!!!!

Another thing to do on my list is to wash this
patchwork Very Urgently!

And maybe a high pole carpet in the birdhouse
would make it more soft and homey and suitable
for a cold winter.

Although it's still 14 C° here in Belgium.
We'll see.


  1. Ik heb zulke bedsokken nog in de basisklas moeten breien. Toen niet zo leuk, maar die van jou zijn zo mooi.
    Het breistaaltje rechts met dat beetje blauw, zwart en bruin vind ik ontzettend mooi. Om nog te zwijgen van jouw muts. Jaloers, ben ik.

  2. Love the pattern!
    The birdhouse carpet idea is too cute! ;)
    I adore the winter hat. It is making me wish that I could knit!

  3. aan inge marie paule: tof dat je mijn muts zo mooi vindt, maar de bedsokken zijn niet door mij gemaakt.

  4. wat mooi allemaal! en zo'n mooie foto van jou ook! tot morgen xxx

  5. Love the hat, love the bird house, love the barbie's poncho and what is it on her shoulder? a dog?...ahahah

  6. Always clever and sweet story talking here, in words and pictures. Love seeing you Renilde :)!

  7. nice preparations (the quilt looks beautiful!)

    here im preparing for summer! well mentally :)

  8. Miss Barbie had geen beter thuis kunnen vinden! Ze is inmiddels beter gekleed dan de gemiddelte europeaan :–)!!
    Verder ben ik met inge marie eens, dat breistaaltje met het beetje blauw... uuuuih. Heel mooi. Success met het voorbereiden van de winter(slaap)...

  9. there are some very well dressed dolls around in the blog world!

    i like the pseudojaqcuardstitch alot, even for the sweater, the brown and blue would be my favourite- no, the one barbie wears, anyway, a pleasure to visit here-like always!

  10. I like the long sample if I could add my opinion. I like it the way it is. I also like when the pattern is colored and has a "relief" at the same time.

  11. It's always so lovely visiting you, Renilde :) Such a gorgeous little sample display and all your winter tales. 14 degrees sounds perfect to me :) K

  12. Cozying up for the cold. I like all the patterns.

  13. Oh, I love these patterns! I wish I knew how to knit.. I need to prepare for the winter too! Looks like you are all set.

  14. your photos and your work are always so inspiring. thank you so much for sharing. i love the pattern samples and the barbie and the quilt and all the colors and tones. lovely.

  15. 14 graden maar met een constante regenwolk boven ons hoofd :) Telkens ik me buiten waag geniet ik van het vooruitzicht om, eens terug binnen, een lekker warm bad te nemen. Toch een beetje een wintergevoel. Ik vind het stukje met het blauw heel erg leuk.

  16. lady, you have done a lot! is it possible that there are more hours in twenty-four hours in belgium than here in finland? i just wonder

  17. what great knitting samples. i would have a hard time choosing. the hat is gorgeous too, you busy bee :)