November 20, 2009

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I went to the 'Letterenhuis' this week, it is some
kind of museum for the Flemish literature, founded
in 1933. I was there to see the exhibition of
Gert Dooreman, a Belgian graphic designer.
Most of the illustrations and books were
presented in glass displays, so ...

... i focussed my mind on something else :)
A turtle with eyes that blue, weird, isn't it?


... I had the opportuniy to have a seat and
take a look at some books, designed by Dooreman.

Didn't knew he styled 'Soepkinders',written
and illustrated by Gerda Dendooven, a Belgian
book illustrator and artist who I admire a lot.
She basically works with cut outs in bright, un-
patterned shapes, i really love her style.

The story's about two little sisters in search
for a new mother after she disappeared one day
together with their house. On their quest, the sisters
will bump into some very malafide creatures,
but in the end, they will find what they were looking
for :-)

The story starts like this:
'This is a story about
two girls,
a mother,
being happy and soup
and it all started very long time ago
on a sunday afternoon'
Nice, isn't it!

Sweet dreams :-)


  1. this looks like a nice place to visit. i love illustrative work of gerda dendooven, i had not heard of her before - thanks for sharing!

  2. I almost felt like I was there too! Thanks for taking us with you, Renilde ;) Those illustrations are gorgeous - block printing and cut outs a great combination. Love how the story begins too. Thanks. Kx

  3. is the red page the end pages? very nice!
    i hadn't heard of her either so thanks!

  4. to marie: no, the red pages are in the middle of the story.

  5. I love the turtle, the story of the two girls and the red page. grazie :)

  6. sounds like a very cool show!

    and those red endpapers with the white trees and the two little girls is just amazing. seems to be some kind of (lino-cut-)print?

  7. The story sound like a variation on Gingerbread house. I don't know how well it is known at other places but the story is similarly cruel to kids in their destiny. I have had a hard time to understand lately how come that kids to whom these fairy-tales are narrated aren't really that scared. They accept the fact of evil as normal.

  8. hee mooi renilde, vooral dat boek van gerda d. moet ik vinden! x

  9. Moet een fantastische tentoonstelling zijn. Ik hou ook ontzettend veel van zijn vormgeving, de kracht van de letters en de kleur... Ook grote bewonderaarster van Gerda Dendooven. Als ik een dipje heb kijk ik bij naar 'ten huize van ... Gerda Dendooven'. Het staat bij mijn favorieten, ik hoef het maar aan te klikken. Ik herleef.
    De laatste sprookje is zo mooi gezien.

  10. ik ben ook al naar de tentoonstelling geweest, letterlijk bij mij om de hoek. Ik hou wel van Dooreman's typografische dingen.

  11. I love the top photo with the lovely green light , looks like a great place to curl up and read..... I can see why you like Gerda Dendoovens work ! its magical.

  12. ow renilde!
    wat een post! mooi beschreven!
    is het de moeite daar in het letterenhuis?
    ik kocht enkele weken geleden het grote dooreman-boek, heel mooi.
    wist je dat ik les kreeg van gerda?

    dagdag! x

  13. that turtle with blue eyes looks kind of if i have seen that face a mirror maybe?