September 30, 2012

September walk.

Went for a walk to Hoboken Polder this afternoon, partly because I wanted to pick some rosehips to put into a new thriftstore vase,
my arrangement with the hips turned out very poor,
I'll figure out something else later this week :^)
At least I had a nice walk with good company; September is by far my favorite month of the year!
(the black bull is a Galloway) weird!
Thanks everyone for the nice response on my swirl cusion, there are more to come!

September 25, 2012


 As promised, the swirl cushion.
Remember my miserable staghorn fern last summer? 
He's doing great now :^)

Good night & Sweet dreams!

September 21, 2012

New planters.

I've found quite a few nice pottery last couple of weeks, all from the thrift of course; do you remember the string of hearts and the beautiful hanger I got from Alessandra about two years ago?
Well, the plant has grown tremendously last summer en needed a new, larger pot; I think this black clay pot fits in well :)

The kalanchoe has got a new pot too, but needs more care I think and less water; looks quite shabby to me; the prickly pear has grown two more disks.

My cactus one year ago :^)

More plants and planters in another post!
That colored swirl in the back is my latest smyrna cushion, more photos later.
Happy weekend all :^)

September 18, 2012

new smyrna cushion

I'm totally in the mood for smyrna lately; the cushion above is entirely made of yarn scraps and is designed for a small stool at Atelier Solarshop ( I will show you later), anyway, it was fun to do, so there are more to come.
I took these photographs on the terrace yesterday morning, but I hope to make some pictures over there later this week.

Small Tortoiseshell, I haven't seen this species for years, yet one of the most common butterflies back to the 70s and 80s, but recently there was one in the bedroom; remember the fly? :^)

I was featured at  remodelista today, the article is written by Justine from Desigskool.
Thank you Justine.

The sedums are doing well.
Goodnight :)

September 16, 2012

This is the last one of the three astrakhan cushions that will be for sale at Alessandra's pop-up; the two previous are here and here.
The peacock cushion and crocheted landscape cushion will be for sale too, as well as some mobiles and potholders.
The pink ceramic dish comes from the thrift and
the Trumpet creeper in mom's garden.
Cushion reverse on my flickr pages.

Sweet Dreams!

September 14, 2012

Bird festival.

Found these gorgeous watercolors in a catalog from the Europalia Brasil expo; you might recognize the plantain, cashew nut, papaya and passion fruit. What a feast!

Pop over to finurlig, thank you Inger Marie :^)
Happy weekend all!

September 11, 2012

Cushion for the KNOTS pop-up.

So many similarities between the cushion designs and the view from the terrace! I was probably subconsciously inspired :^)

read my interview at sfgirlbybay; thank you so much Victoria!
The cushion is for Alessandra's pop-up; do not forget huh! In September.

September 07, 2012

The moon at dawn.

The moon at dawn this morning while drinking coffee in the garden with my brother.
Pop over at La Casita; there's an interview of me in response to the KNOTS pop-up in September; including my potholders will be for sale, more photo's later.
Thank you Alessandra!
Happy weekend all :^)

September 02, 2012

Hunting chanterelles.

September is my favorite month of the year; it is still warm outside and the light is so beautiful by the low sun. We were looking for chanterelles and enjoyed the blooming heather.
Love the dry&sandy Campine soil and vegetation and the wood smells great!

Hope you had a nice weekend too :^)