August 23, 2009

Sunday brainsnack.

I had again a lazy sunday, almost the whole after-
noon on my behind :-), drinking tea & listening
to some crazy stories, i'm afraid this is my favou-
rite pastime. No time for blogging.
So, this is the challenge: choose the right base
for the cube.
( to K. : you were wrong. )

August 21, 2009

The pincushions.

I'm working on the pincushion series, this was
the easy & fun part. I was trying to create
the atmosphere of a small fishing village by
using simple geometric shapes and primary colours.
I hope you can hear the seagulls and the distant
voices of the fisherman by looking at these.

Time for the reverse and filling now.
Hope to have them finished soon :-)

August 18, 2009

Le Bonheur des Dames.

I have a friend who's responsable for the textile
department of the Breda's Museum, so, for her
work she has to travel abroad quite often.
She surprised me the other day with these cute
leather thimbles from 'Le Bonheur des Dames' ,
purchased when she was in Paris.
They remind me of some kind of prosthesis,
Love that pink & skin and the two green dots.
I also got from her a box full of yarns, i'm well
provided now. Sorted out the skin & pink tones
for the fotoshoot.

From an old issue of '100 idees' .

Not yet finished blouse with application and
embroidery. ( that is for later :-)
There will be an exhibition in the Breda's Museum
about textiles in September, look here.
For more Ladies Delight have a look at Emma Cassi's

August 17, 2009

B I N G O !

Herewith i declare that i won a giveaway.
look here and at sweet potato anna.
Thank you Anna :-)

August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday.

I was a guest at villa 'Rust na Arbeid',
wat means 'Rest after Labour' :-), this slogan
might have been written for me, for i was sitting
on my backside all through the day.
Hope you had a nice sunday too .

August 14, 2009

Paper boats and other small vessels.

This work is not really taking part of the 'Age
of Discovery' series. I'm regarding this more
as a trying out for the pincushion series to come,
i think the colour combination is ok.
I was having Jacques Tati's 'Les vacances de Mr.
Hulot' in mind, an incredible funny movie.
Hope you're having fun too :-)

Thanks everybody for the nice comments on
the previous post, it is really cheering on. :-)