September 30, 2011

A walk in the woods.

I went to the woods today with friends and family, hunting for
mushrooms; despite the warm weather of recent days, we still
found quite a lot of bay boletes and some porcini mushrooms;
but everyone's darling was the one with the peachcoloured belly
and brown velvet hat :^)
have a closer look here!

Brown velvet bag.


September 29, 2011

Summer cushion.

Started a new cushion last week, lots of cream colours, whites and
soft greys with flashy spots, a summer cushion :)
Cushions, mobiles and potholders are available at Mr Kitly,
and potholders only at Atelier Solarshop POP UP#3

The bottom picture Remembering Tomorrow by
Xavier Encinas

My not so happy looking staghorn fern in the first image.

Good news, after a journey of two full months, The Blue Path
has finally arrived :^)

Tomorrow 25°C

September 26, 2011

My treasures.

This is a small selection of twigs and seeds that I've brought
home from my walks: thistle fluffs, a plane tree seed pod,
a bunch of ash seeds and one pod I can't put a name on;
the tiny seeds are hairy with barbs.
The third picture was taken from my terrace, the handwoven
piece of cloth is as far as I can remember honeysuckle :)
I'm not joking, look here!
More treasures in another post.

September 23, 2011

Yesterday's walk.

Hoboken polder near Antwerp is my favorite place
to walk, especially in spring or late summer;
the light was wonderful yesterday evening.

I'm seriously thinking to sign in for volunteer work so I can
help to clean up the waste;
doesn't matter whether I collect herbs & mushrooms
or an empty beer can & a yellow ufo, as long as I can
enjoy my collecting instinct everything is fine :^)
Though I do not understand what people drives
to leave their garbage in such an idyllic place like this.

Mieke on the second picture.

Made more apple jelly, but I've added a handful of lavender
flowers this time.

September 22, 2011

More seeds.

I was collecting again some seeds from the wildflower
garden on my terrace; this time I harvested some
capsules of the cornflower, clover and cockle;
love the black cockle seeds
and how they organized themselves in the seedbox :)

Angelica seeds in the picture above.

I hope you don't mind, but more seeds to come :^)

September 20, 2011

The Double.

I've found a double while arranging my photo's

Have a nice evening everybody :)

September 18, 2011

Some Sundaypics.

The day started bright&sunny, but ended pretty
autumnal :(
Slime mould in the bottom pic.

September 17, 2011


I went to the Hergé Museum today; what a great place!
And the collection is immense, with large quantities of original
drawings and sketches, to bad I wasn't alowed to take any pictures,
especially from ' Tim' the squirrel in the Far West :^),
but I had one sneaky shot near the famous rocket
and I bought the catalogue, so more pictures in another post.

Cover of The Shooting Star.
Some nice pictures of the museum here.
Love Tintin.

Japanese Maple in the morninglight.

September 15, 2011

In the mailbox.

Something tremendous has happened by
Rhiannon Silver in the mailbox today,
you probably already know her inspiring blog
Intelligent Clashing, definitely one of my favorites!

The honeycomb cardboard weavings
remind me a bit of the texture and soft colours
of the ceramic basket, one of the images in the
paper; would love to have
that basket on my buffet by the way :^)

Need to fix Arthur's head.

Finally some sunshine today!

More cardboard weavings here.

September 13, 2011

Some pictures from last week.

1 Crocosmia in the morninglight; a dirty window
can offer a lot of opportunities sometimes,
and that's one good exuse :^)

2 Temporary curtains in the bedroom

3 A lightshow on Saturday night; no wind, no rain,
no thunder, only these flashes of lightning for more
than an hour and I got a fantastic view from the terrace!

4 Posted new potholders on my flickrpages.
my potholderset.


September 09, 2011

Apple Jelly.

Made some apple jelly today, but instead of the
cinnamon I added a handful of rosebuds and
some fresh lemon juice; I had my doubts about the
rosebuds but it turned out very well, the aroma
is very delicate and not to powerful.
Next time I will try apple&lavender.

The nose on the left side is my mom :^)
the photo was made by Willy.

Have a nice weekend!