December 30, 2011

After Braeckman.

After the exhibition, in the train on the way back, we started
to compare each others pictures we had taken in the
museum; many of the photos had a clear Braeckman
influence, so we started giggling and joking and decided to manipulate
some of the pictures in a Braeckman-way and make an additional
Braeckman inspired post :^)
The first and bottom pic were taken in the museum M, the
middle picture is my mom on the right, our neighbor Jen in
the middle and her sister in-laws José on the left.
I would just mention that Jen, our neighbor had the airs of a diva,
as if she were Ava Gardner playing a housewife and as a child
I really liked her long tanned legs :^)
My mom was wearing nylons.

Have a look at Mieke's creations too.

Ok, this is the last post for this year :)
I wish you all a very nice and creative 2012!!

December 29, 2011

Dirk Braeckman.

I finally went to see the Dirk Braeckman exhibition in museum M
today, it was wonderful!
The show runs only until 08-01-2012!
Picture 3: Mieke.

December 26, 2011

Balls & balloons.

My nephew Julian was born on Christmas Eve, and last
weekend we celebrated his birthday;
four candles to blow out this time, and the little guy seemed
very focussed before going into action :^)
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas too.

All photos taken by my niece Jasperine.

December 24, 2011


'UP' from Alessandra's giveaway was in my mailbox
yesterday morning :^)
Finally I have a bauble now to cheer up my Christmas post a bit!
Thank you alessandra!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

December 22, 2011

My shell.

I think I have never been so happy with an apartment
as with my current one, as if it were designed specially for me;
that is of course nonsense, but I do know that this place
inspires and that I'm in my element here, what is very,
very important for a Cancer, ha!
Some time ago, a friend of mine made this funny joke about me,
my home & blog, saying:
'Your home is like a shell with an internet connection' :^)
Anyway, I'm a (modern) hermit and I love My Shell!

new cushion, have a look at my flickr for the back.

The Nephentes in 2010
and here

December 21, 2011

Little zoo.

I've bought a rhino for my little nephew and a turtle for myself;
they look so lifelike, don't you think!

( the chicken is chocolate :^)

More animals at Mieke Willems.

December 20, 2011

A mixed lot, part 10

I haven't had any chance to take some pictures last week,
so, here's another mixed lot; the theme is
'Gardening & Accessories' and the photos date from

1 cherry tomato, own cultivation :^)
2 gardening dreamsuit, found at vads
3 sage, grasses and Siberian Edelweiss.
4 love gardening at night
5 Diamond Frost

December 16, 2011

Land of Rivers.

I've tried to make some sharper photos from the 'Land of Rivers'
embroiderie; the result is quite better now but not yet Sharp sharp,
and I've noticed a bit too late that there was a grease stain on the lens,
so there's a blurry spot at the top of the work
and therefore, the isolated red house seems to be shrouded in a fog bank,
how poetic :^)

have a look at my flickr for more detail

Luis Camnitzer
Land of Rivers
Have a nice weekend all!

December 14, 2011

A mixed lot, part 9

I suddenly felt like posting 'something', so I took some pictures
of the past months; it's become a rather minimalist series :^)

chocolate cosmos, again :)
a remnant of the Blue Path series
browsing Thierry De Cordier

December 12, 2011

Unfinished cushion.

I started a whole bunch of cushions the last two months,
partly for Huis Mortier and Atelier Solarshop, but
many of them didn't make it, like this cushion that only
needs a lining; but I think that's not so bad, since I already have
noticed that many of you prefer the back :^)

sweet dreams :^)

December 10, 2011


Ride with Mieke on an Ent and hot chocolate afterwards.

( larger photos on flickr )

Nice patterns.

I went for a short walk in the park nearby; love to watch
the ducks in the water, especially the idea they're comfortable
warm and dry while paddling is very appealing to me :^)
The fallen leaves of the Wisteria give nice patterns on the terrace
they remind me a bit of a design I once made for a textile print.

... but it could also be a bunch of stylized spermatozoits :^)

Happy weekend all!

December 09, 2011

Two shelves.

first pic, at Atelier Solarshop;
second, in my kitchen.

More photos on flickr.