June 28, 2013


potholders for MR KITLY
happy weekend all

June 26, 2013

a new home ... soon

some sunny pics from my appartment and a rather discontented looking cushion :)
my room is a bit upsidedown now, cause I'm moving to another place mid-July; can't wait to show you some foto's of the new appartment!
the cushion will be for sale at MR KITLY soon

June 22, 2013


eppo & julian, bugs etc...

June 20, 2013

diary of a cactus, 2

 1 = 3 = :^)

pilea sprouts & new cushion
Good Night & Sweet Dreams 

June 18, 2013

diary of a cactus

I'm the owner of a cactus that only grows in height and never makes lateral shoots; at times he grows too tall and breaks off and everything starts again from scratch; a Sisyphus story, as it were,

I chopped my beloved cactus in three pieces; the other two parts also come in the pot, but I've read - in my favorite cactus book - that it is better for them to dry for a while...

... so there will be a sequel soon :)
october 10, 2011
september 21, 2012

new mobiles!

June 16, 2013

last weekend

the weekend was really laid back...
and sunny now and then;
looking for bugs, woodlice and other vermin under the cobbles, E has become a collector of insects :)

June 07, 2013


I'm so glad summer's finally here :)
happy weekend all!