May 30, 2009

The cookies

I finally finished the cookies yesterday afternoon.
Turned my kitchen into a huge sticky mess.
I'm happy with the result, but glad the work is done.

Red fungi pasture.

The remainders of the pastry used.

Black Forest animal with his own arms.

Ancient precursors of modern heraldry.


May 28, 2009

Rockets & Space.

The launch.
Two rockets and a star.

Inside my rocket.

Imaginary wormhole.
When i was a kid, i was completely terryfied
of the concepts of 'infinity' and 'eternal'.
As soon as i was in bed, i started thinking on
it and couln't sleep anymore.
This fear faded away with the years, but i have
to admit it had an enormous impact on my
life, and i can still feel the resonances :-) of it
from time to time.
Anyway my fascination for the infinite space
and the unknown is still alive.
The images of the sojoez-rocket were taken from the
today's newspaper when i had lunch at my work.
The other three are taken in my appartment,
the two embroideries form a part of the
'Wormhole' series, a work still in progress.
Our very amiable Frank De Winne will be the
Captain of the Ship, i wish him a good journey.

May 26, 2009

Playtime again.

Have to make 30 cookies for a birthday party.
Didn't feel like starting yet this morning,
it is a rather boring and precise job.
So i began playing and giving names to the
animals. Eventually i started baking at 12:00
till 17:00 Pffff. They still need some icing, i
will show them when they're finished.
I choosed the hedhog, mushroom, mouse,
pebble and acorn.

May 25, 2009

Small weavings.

Made these samples on small pieces of card-
board. I didn't have a loom at that time, but
i was not making a problem about it,
sitting in an easy chair, with my legs up,
TV on, mmmm. Bliss

May 23, 2009

Saturday morning sunshine.

Just the idea that these rays of sunshine have
an eight minute journey through space
behind them, and popping in now along a narrow
slit with a speed of 300.000km/sec, without
ruining my flowers. That is beyond me.

I would have rather stayed at home, messing
around in my pyjamas, enjoying the sunlight...

Had a quick very last snap of the peonies, before

May 22, 2009

Inspired by Japanese patterns.

I don't remerber where i have seen this pattern.
Maybe somebody else does.

Not really recognizable, the sword sheaths pattern
Seen this pattern on an old woodcut.
Sort of fencing.

I made these textiles in the early nineties, when
i worked for a short period as a freelance textile
designer. I still feel sorry that it ditn't work.
But never mind i'm gonna show them here.
This is the first part. I made these ones half for
the fun, because they're not interesting from
the commercial point of view. To many wefts.
But i'm glad they still look fresh, at least,
that's how i feel about it.
Thank you ii-ne-kore for giving me an award,
i was really surprised. Hope you like these textiles
too, i would be very pleased.
Need more time for passing on the awards, i'm
still a greenhorn.

May 21, 2009

Ascension Day

I had a nice walk with S. this morning.

The landscape looked quite prehistorical

and the animals too.