November 29, 2013


fixed once again some holes in my favorite cashmere gloves, they're now three years old and worn, but they are my favorites so, can't throw them away and I like them patched up, a bit Oliver Twist look :)

magnolia leaves on the windowsill
purple cactus

happy weekend all!

November 25, 2013

shade of a rosebush & leech

November 23, 2013

winter is coming

it's getting colder and foggy now...
I really love the view here, the changing light and the seasons that follow one another; the plane in front of my window has dropped it's last leaf since I took this picture earlier this week.
I'm looking for a simple fabric to bring into production, but it won't be this one, too bad :)

happy weekend all :)

November 15, 2013

hunting for garbage

the mushroom season has ended now, but we liked to hunt something...
W suggested as an alternative to collect some trash,
of course, Eppolino was not an instant supporter, because he wanted mushrooms,
but in the end his bag was well stocked...
with empty beer cans and some other trash :)

happy weekend!

November 14, 2013

new cushion ...

this cactus is not mine, too bad :(
botanical garden of Antwerp

... with fluorescent orange

November 09, 2013

soft & rosy, part two

white gerberas turn into soft pink after some time, and if you wait a little longer, a delicate rosy fluff appears underneath the petals; sometimes it pays if you're not too tidy :^)
Happy weekend all!
soft&rosy 1

November 07, 2013

view from my window at rush hour

November 04, 2013


I brought some magnolia leaves from my yesterday walk,
they have such a deep brown color as they were varnished;
it's just leaves, but I really like them.
okido :)

November 03, 2013


some autumnal pictures from today and some time ago;
made a little walk despite the strong wind gusts & occasional rain and went to see the Kerry James Marshall exhibition in the M HKA
bottom pics, walk in the woods after the storm with Eppo and ...
the giant mushroom