February 26, 2012

nice :^)

I have a friend who has a special sense that comes into action
as soon as she enters a thrift store or flea market, or maybe it
is all the time in operation, I don't know :)
Anyway, she always finds the best stuff...
and occasionally I get some of her little treasures;
like these indigo fabrics, actually they're small head pillows;
we don't know were they come from, only that they are quite old.
I had a look in the Traditional Stripes & Lattices, and I would love
if they were of Japanese origin :)
I've found at least similar fabrics in the book, the shadow weave pattern
below is called 'split bamboo mat'.
The pattern looks complicated, but actually this is very simple plain weave;
I've added some extra large pictures on my flickr pages.
And for the weavers, this is an interesting site, and this one too.
Picture 3-4-8 come from the book.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

February 23, 2012

Cocooning, 3

I've got a sunshine award from the wonderful Patrice A.!

When receiving the award you are asked to aswer some sunshine
questions and then pass the award to five people who deserve
some ray of sunshine too.

Today it was gloomy and rainy; maybe time for a little cosiness??
The sunny picture dates from last September.
Ok, here we go:

favorite color: indigo
favorite animal: dogs
favorite non-alcoholic drink: chai tea, sencha
facebook or twitter: neither
getting or giving presents: both
favorite flower: wild flowers and dahlias
favorite pattern: I love all kinds of patterns but most Japanese motifs
passion: crafting, joking, walking and much more :^)
favorite number: 1000

now, here come the 5 ladies!

journal de jours
la casita

Thank you Patrice :^)

February 21, 2012

Last weekend.

Some pictures from last weekend and also a few from
a while ago; I was making new mobiles for the last couple
of weeks and now I feel comfortable to have a little stash again :^)
The mobile on the first picture is made in the same colors
as this little scratch; purple, yellow, peach and turquoise, but for the moment
he's serving as a hibernation spot for a sleeping ladybird,
look here if you don't believe me!

What about myself, I had Linzertorte for desert on Saturday night,
the next morning as breakfast and lunch and etc...
and on Monday morning, before I went to work, I have taken
to me the final piece, amen :^)

What about the weather, the days are still quite fresh, but
spring is coming, I feel it! I will show you some very brave
but long awaited roots in another post :^)
The Pilea is doing very well also.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams!

February 18, 2012

February 14, 2012

Nice suit.

The frost is gone now, but I could not resist to post
this cozy bear suit, found at a pale novel;
must be super bliss having a snowball fight in this costume :^)

The plants are back on the terrace since yesterday morning,
only need to move this huge Fatsia; the plant is actually resistant
to frost but I feared for the :(heavy) terracotta pot.
I wish I had a magic wand, sigh

Goodnight & sweet dreams!

February 09, 2012

Like a butterfly in your house.

A butterfly was in the mailbox yesterday morning :^)
Have a peep inside the book here .
Barbara's new posters.
Les zigouis.

February 07, 2012

Mobiles again.

I started on a new series of mobiles and got my first mobile
put together last weekend; some of the colors are a bit misleading
in the picture, like the black one on the third row, which is actually
a very dark purple.
But it was such a pleasure to work with this gorgeous diffuse reflecting
light from the snowy rooftops, more snow please!

February 04, 2012

Looking through the hubble.

A galaxy is emerging right under my nose!

picture 1-2-3-4 Thomas Schutte drawings
bottom pic: Birth of a moon on a pink cloud :^)

aim for the moon
even if you'll miss
you'll land among the stars

February 02, 2012

My cluttered house.

I'm very flattered by the beautiful post of my home at 16 house,
but mostly my workspace is pretty messy, so I'm very well trained
to manoeuvre carefully between the stuff that is scattered over the floor;
currently there are balls everywhere :)
with a bit of sunlight, almost every piece of junk is transformed
into something special, so therefore I love sunny days so much!

I wish everybody Sweet Dreams or plenty of Sunshine!

February 01, 2012

My plants.

My livingroom has turned into a greenhouse last night;
because of the coming night frost, I had to rescue all the
plants of the terrace, except the grasses;
so what you're seeing here is only a tiny part of the jungle
that I have brought in yesterday evening!
It gives me a bit of a 'Jane feeling'
Only my runny nose does not fit into the picture :^).
But the light was gorgeous today!!