February 21, 2012

Last weekend.

Some pictures from last weekend and also a few from
a while ago; I was making new mobiles for the last couple
of weeks and now I feel comfortable to have a little stash again :^)
The mobile on the first picture is made in the same colors
as this little scratch; purple, yellow, peach and turquoise, but for the moment
he's serving as a hibernation spot for a sleeping ladybird,
look here if you don't believe me!

What about myself, I had Linzertorte for desert on Saturday night,
the next morning as breakfast and lunch and etc...
and on Monday morning, before I went to work, I have taken
to me the final piece, amen :^)

What about the weather, the days are still quite fresh, but
spring is coming, I feel it! I will show you some very brave
but long awaited roots in another post :^)
The Pilea is doing very well also.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams!


  1. beautiful chiaroscuro like effect in the 2nd image!

  2. great mobiles again Renilde! :)

  3. I love the colours in the mobile, Renilde! Just gorgeous :)
    That cake looks fabulous too - no wonder you have been living off it! ;)
    Hope you have a great week :) Kx

    p.s. what is that chevron on your desk? The colours are fantastic.

  4. to Kylie: thank you :)
    It's a zigzag design in aquarel on paper.

  5. hoi!

    ik heb je een sunshine award gegeven
    zie mijn weblog


  6. schoon licht! bij jou
    moet wel lachen om jouw 'eet'verhaal, herkenbaar als iets lekker is....

  7. your mobiles look wonderful.

  8. Mooi foto's van je huis alweer en wat een frisse kleurencombinaties in de mobiles. En hier is ook gelachen met je eetverhaal, want zo doe ik het ook als ik een taart maak, tot ze volledig op is: amen!

  9. ha! linzertorte. i am crazy about it. sometime and don't eat a 'real' dinner and have one (small) instead. yum!

  10. Beautiful light on the second picture ...
    Your motives are both beautiful and Intrig
    ant ... I can not well expressed
    my feelings ... but anyway they make me a great effect!

  11. Now I believe you. I had to look for that sleeping beauty

  12. Oh, Linzer Torte, i like that.

  13. je mobielen zijn ontzettend leuk zeg!

  14. i love your mobiles! do you sell them?

  15. Lovely mix of photos, and looooovely photos for sure. :-)

  16. Oh, I'm (so) in love with this mobile ! Do you sell it ? Where ?


  17. Is the mobile for sale? I would love to have one made!