July 29, 2015

some images from a while ago, when it was warm and sunny...
seems like an eternity ago, sigh

July 25, 2015

trunk with ivy
from my herbarium, dried comfrey

July 23, 2015

the delights of country life, part two

honey from the hive to the jar, that's what we were doing; at least, I was allowed to help
fun to do, but sticky :)

July 16, 2015


I'm featured in the summer issue of COVER :)
and there's also an article at the COVER website,
look here
the fabric on the first picture is from the Finnish designer Kustaa Saksi
love the spider!

July 13, 2015

last weekend

July 05, 2015

the delights of country life

July 03, 2015

hot days here!
but the monstera is having a good time...
do you remember his embryonic state two years ago?
I also bought some small cacti & lithops, but that's for later :)

happy weekend all!