February 28, 2014


I absolutely love this painting, it's called Emerald Green Gummie.
Road trip to Texas from LA, by Esther Pearl Watson
have a lovely weekend all!

February 25, 2014

lovely details

a faded hydrangea in mom's garden
a nice detail of a painting that I've seen in the rijksmuseum
pebbles in the bus shelter
Latona and the Lycian Peasants

February 24, 2014

at home with mom 6

museum Oer
interview with Jan&Jaap Böhmer
I got a pair of hand-knitted socks from Anna, the woman next door :^)
these were hers too

February 21, 2014

painted balls all day long today :^)
happy weekend all!

February 20, 2014


present from Mieke:
a two-eared cactus :)

night view from my window
the new potholders arrived at uguisu!

February 18, 2014

February 14, 2014

new potholders

new potholders, very soon available at uguisu

detail of gooseberries on a table by Adriaen Coorte, seen in the rijksmuseum some time ago
happy weekend all!

February 10, 2014

new smyrna's

I'm working on a new series of smyrna's; this one is send to uguisu shop this afternoon, but there are more to come,
also new swirls!

pic 3 = me :^)

February 07, 2014

update Atelier Solarshop online store
have a nice weekend all!

February 06, 2014

The Night Watch

two more pictures taken right after one another

and Amsterdam night view

February 04, 2014

February 02, 2014


I've never been in the Rijksmuseum in before, so this was the first time I saw Rembrandt's The Night Watch; what an adventure :)
the room was really packed, but that didn't bother me, on the contrary, there was a certain admosphere which was actually pleasing, so I stayed there quite some time looking at the painting and the people around.

picture 3&4 were at the William Klein retrospective exposition