May 29, 2014

a walk

I've been for a walk to polderstad this afternoon; the area is at its best now because of the many flowers, butterflies and birdsong; I really felt in paradise :)
I've seen many blooming clovers today, but have to wait a few more weeks for my favorite;
the smell of the white clover is sublime, even my 8 year old dried specimen still gives a nice sweet odour!
The butterfly in the picture is a cinnabar moth;
I did not succeed to capture a flying specimen on photo, too bad
it's color is stunning red!

but all creatures were happy today...
at least, I think so :^)

May 25, 2014

welcome in the woods

I went to see a nice play last night; it's about two women who wander through the woods and bump into all sorts of creatures;
when I got home I suddenly remembered this picture taken by W some time ago; the two dwarfs in the desolate landscape are my sister and me :^)

love the Rigoletto poster but haven't seen the opera
great sequin suit too!

welkom in het bos

May 15, 2014

my inspirations

I love moths, not that I'm so keen on their hairy fat bodies and legs, but the patterns and colors of their wings is unequaled, at least that's my opinion...
the moth below is the polyphemus and one of my favorites because of it's lovely powdery colors and gradations and of course the eyespots; it's not living in Belgium (I nicked the picture from this site), but that's ok cause I think they are a little frightening too!
the moth above is the Orange Underwing, it's a very small moth, not much bigger than a fly, but pretty too;
the photo is taken in mom's garden

the picture with the bicycle was taken at night from my window and the cushion at the top is mine of course :)

May 10, 2014

a psychedelic look, inspired by the colored spots I see when pressing on my eyes during a migraine to ease the pain; it is also a kind of pastime, because after a while and with a little practice I can decide the colors :)
I'm hiding in the black sphere on the first picture

the rhipsalis is blooming

May 06, 2014

May 01, 2014

dandelion fluff field

so pretty!
all that white fluff