November 30, 2009

The pavilion.

The pavilion is designed by Renaat Braem and
build between 1969-1971. You hate or love this style :)
Always free entrance, as well as the park!
At the moment an exhibition of Belgian artist,

&é"'(§è!çà):;,)^))ù% - F i n .

November 29, 2009

Middelheim park.

I had a walk in the Middelheim park with a friend
some days ago.
It is always nice and quiet here, even in the summer-
time. I will show more photos in another post from
the exhibition we saw in the pavilion.
The sausages are from Kati Heck, i think the latest
acquisition, i have never noticed them before anyway.

dabei sein ist alles , 2006

F I N.

November 27, 2009

Doilies Western Style.

I found these three bobbin laced doilies in the second-
hand shop for almost nothing, pretty filthy but intact;
good for a photoshoot Western Style! The rain is still
pouring down today so, there's no lack of nostalgic mood.
Besides, saw an awesome beautiful western last week,
which is still affecting my brain .
OK, here we go.

I'm a fan of 'Deadwood' too...
... and I have a soft spot for bad guy, Al Swearengen :)
All the pics are taken in my room.

November 26, 2009

The alphabet as cityscape.

The weather was horrible today, i stayed indoors,
nothing special to do, browsing into some old
baselines, bumped into a very cool alphabet,
turned out to be from Peter Grundy, never heard
of this artist.

Peter Grundy's alphabet.
Hail ball on the windowsill, :-(

November 24, 2009

Making preparations for the winter.

I was making some pattern & colour samples
for a warm jumper, can't decide yet which
one i'm gonna take for the jersey, probably the
brown & black pattern.
It looks very much jacquard but is far more easy to
knit. Made my favourite bonnet also in this pseudo
jacquard stitch. There was no time left for making
bonnets for Mieke Willems shop this year, but
they have lots of bedsocks!!!!!!!

Another thing to do on my list is to wash this
patchwork Very Urgently!

And maybe a high pole carpet in the birdhouse
would make it more soft and homey and suitable
for a cold winter.

Although it's still 14 C° here in Belgium.
We'll see.

November 22, 2009

Mini, mini evening walk.

I had a 30min. eveningwalk with Willy & Billie.
It was already growing dark when we left, took
the photos while walking, and so is the quality :)
We were hunting the Bay Bolete.

November 20, 2009

No title.

I went to the 'Letterenhuis' this week, it is some
kind of museum for the Flemish literature, founded
in 1933. I was there to see the exhibition of
Gert Dooreman, a Belgian graphic designer.
Most of the illustrations and books were
presented in glass displays, so ...

... i focussed my mind on something else :)
A turtle with eyes that blue, weird, isn't it?


... I had the opportuniy to have a seat and
take a look at some books, designed by Dooreman.

Didn't knew he styled 'Soepkinders',written
and illustrated by Gerda Dendooven, a Belgian
book illustrator and artist who I admire a lot.
She basically works with cut outs in bright, un-
patterned shapes, i really love her style.

The story's about two little sisters in search
for a new mother after she disappeared one day
together with their house. On their quest, the sisters
will bump into some very malafide creatures,
but in the end, they will find what they were looking
for :-)

The story starts like this:
'This is a story about
two girls,
a mother,
being happy and soup
and it all started very long time ago
on a sunday afternoon'
Nice, isn't it!

Sweet dreams :-)

November 17, 2009

Imaginary lighthouses.

My mom once told me, one day, two of her younger
brothers, J&F, were making a little fire under
their bed, what made my granddad in a white
rage, of course! But they were kids.
I have no excuse for my foolish tour de force last night;
i used a little candle on top of a one metre high pile of bobbins,
i feel somewhat embarrassed to confess :-(
J&F are the two boys on my granddad's lap.
Luckily they still like to play too :-)

November 16, 2009