October 29, 2009

Painting the house.

Sometimes, i think i 'm taking things to easily.
I was painting all round the frame, i just let it hang,
and after a while i was whitening the frame too,
i think it wasn't such a good idea.
Maybe i should darken it a bit.
What do you think?
I glued some colorsamples on the frame, maybe
a grey-blue, would be nice, can't decide yet.
Or maybe i just leave it white.

I'm having a nap too now, and later maybe a
Good night.

October 27, 2009

My viewmaster.

The following 7 pics are taken from the news-
paper. I always want to keep press cuttings
and store them in boxes, even when it is only a
silly pic like these.
Could it be a soft & harmless neurosis?
Anyway, i have decided to post this newspaper
photos every now and then.
So, when i will have another 'seven' that makes
sense to me, you will see them in my post.
Could be next week or next month, don't know
in advance.
As you can see, they are all shining and of maximum
contrast, you are looking through my viewmaster,

I'm sorry they're not 3D :-(

October 25, 2009

My sampler.

Most of the needlelace patterns come from
by Thérèse de Dillmont, the illustrations are
often unsharp and of really bad quality, but
in spite of these failings, this book is a treasury
of information.
For more details look here.
( don't forget to switch on winterhour!)

October 22, 2009

Mating worms.

Mating worms...
... and monsters who like to eat them!
I'm painting and clearing out my appartment.
Most of the walls will be white.
Found this design in one of my maps, hope i
will bump into more surprises!

October 19, 2009

October light.

Like to watch the moving light in the kitchen
and to be lazy a bit.
I'm easily satisfied sometimes :-)
Have a peep at Mieke Willems, they started their
webshop today.

October 17, 2009

My grandparents.

The photo of my grandparents with me in between
was taken in the doorway by an unknown photographer.
It was a common use in the sixties, only few people had a camera.
I remember the whole scene very clearly, for a had
a violent argument just before the pic was taken.
This is what happened: i was about four years old i guess,
and staying with my grandparents, suddenly the bell
rang, it was an unknown with a camera round his neck.
My grandma agreed for a portrait.
I got ready to take off my apron ; having one's photograph
taken wasn't an everyday event and besides, there was
a little stain on it.
My grandma forced me to keep on the apron, i was frenzied.
The scarf, knotted in Lucky Luke style was also her creation.
I felt like a secondhand cinderella :-(
This is my very first memory in full color: the apron was made
of synthetic material and pale orange,
it was rustling like a bread bag when moving.
The jacket was red, the scarf i don't remember.
My grandma's apron was from black cotton satin.
The strange object with the three woodworm holes is a knot.
My gran always had one in her pocket to cure her rheumatism.
The earrings are also a heirloom.
My grandpa was a shoemaker, they both runned their little shoeshop.
If you like to see my gran more friendly, look here.
The drawing is mine.

October 14, 2009

Pretty girl.

This is the state of affairs at present:
Peace has somewhat returned.
The plushies ignore her and Arthur is following
her all the time. Poor little fellow.
But she is lovely, don't you think?
I made her a new dress from a croched potholder.
She had mixed feelings about the result :-(
She said she likes Victor&Rolf a lot.
Could be.
I'm thinking at Jane Fonda while looking at her.
I've considered to call her Barbarella.
What do you think?

I saw the insanely beautiful Victor&Rolf exhibition
last summer in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Please have a peep, 'The house of Victor&Rolf'

October 13, 2009

New cushions.

I was filling in the loose ends from a pile of crochings
i made last winter. Still have to think about how to
fill them up; I don't really want them to finish as
is usual, but they need some brace anyway.
So, while i was hesitating in taking a decision,
I had a great time with weaving the leftovers
from the crochings into a piece of canvas, and at
the end i added a little house and its owner.
So when you have a look at the front, you will see
a landscape, and by turning it round you're zooming
in and discover the little details.
I hope i soon will find a solution for the finishing :-)

<"""""""!!!!!!§§§§§&&&&"""""""> :-) ?
You need to enlarge the photos if you like to
see the weavings. Have a good night and thanks
everybody for the sweet words on my interview!

October 11, 2009

October 07, 2009

When i have to pee at night.

When i'm going to the toilet at night, usually round
3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, there's always
nocturnal activity in the house;
that is because dolls don't have to sleep, they can
if they want to, but they don't really need night's
rest to stay alert.
It could be they have hereditary wu wei qualities,
what means that they are in a sort of active inactivity,
a state of mind we humans have to search a lifetime.
Of course it could also be that their brains are largely
empty and straightforward, what makes the sleeping
also superfluous. There's still less known about doll's
Anyway, when i 'm having my pee at night, they are
mostly playing and hanging around in the room
between my atelier, and the kitchen;
it is a pretty dark place, that's why the pics are unsharp.
The photo of Arthur in full play was taken on a sunday
morning in the atelier. I had a secondary smaller pee
at 6:30 when i took that snapshot.
They were so wrapped up in their play, they didn't
notice me.
By the way, dolls don't need to pee eihter:-)
What a life!
(a silly multicoloured night story)

October 06, 2009

Old Swedish Quilts.

This book is a real goldmine for quilters, it is full
of beautiful old quilts, along with their stories,
techniques, and portraits of the women who made
All the quilts were found and brought together
by Asa Wettre.

Want this one so badly!!!!

Thanks everybody for the nice comments on my
previous post, it is cheering me on a lot!