October 06, 2009

Old Swedish Quilts.

This book is a real goldmine for quilters, it is full
of beautiful old quilts, along with their stories,
techniques, and portraits of the women who made
All the quilts were found and brought together
by Asa Wettre.

Want this one so badly!!!!

Thanks everybody for the nice comments on my
previous post, it is cheering me on a lot!


  1. ja prachtig! mooie post (ook die zwrt/wit foto)

  2. you have some amazing books!
    these quilts are fantastic! I love them!

  3. oooh, this might be one of the prettiest quilt books ever!

  4. Oh wow! They are rather spesh! The one that you want, well I want that one too! Thanks for showing these Renilde :) K

    p.s.( 'spesh' is slang for special!) Kx

  5. What a wonderful book! (especially because it is Swedish like me ;) Seriously, it is absolutely beautiful. I am dreaming about quilting now. xoxo

  6. hei Renild, ik kan ni wachten om dit in
    techt te zien. wanneer kom je nog is na heerle? breng je dan die schone boek is ni mee? Kei plezant uw two birds..;) verhaaltjes!!!zje

  7. he zje ik zal proberen dit weekend, het boek is van de bibliotheek maar ik ga het kopen op e-bay denk ik

  8. wow this is beautiful!
    i need to make a quilt sometime :)

  9. What a wonderful book. Old quilts are so beautiful.

  10. awesome! i love the washed-and-used shades and uneven-ness to these quilts. they are incredible. what a beautiful book!