October 14, 2009

Pretty girl.

This is the state of affairs at present:
Peace has somewhat returned.
The plushies ignore her and Arthur is following
her all the time. Poor little fellow.
But she is lovely, don't you think?
I made her a new dress from a croched potholder.
She had mixed feelings about the result :-(
She said she likes Victor&Rolf a lot.
Could be.
I'm thinking at Jane Fonda while looking at her.
I've considered to call her Barbarella.
What do you think?

I saw the insanely beautiful Victor&Rolf exhibition
last summer in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Please have a peep, 'The house of Victor&Rolf'


  1. she should be super happy with her new dress, slowly you will win her over, taste-wise, she needs time to adjust and trust!
    ah, the young jane f., she was my fashion icon in barbarella, long time ago, when i was studying fashion design, i have been crazy about her paco rabanne metal- dresses and tried to copy them.

    i am still dreaming about making costumes for a scifi film, what a challenge to make it not look like another retro-thing!

    by the way, i liked your little interview and to see you!
    you still look like a sweet little girl!

  2. that is so great. i think any self-respecting girl would go for a handmade number out of a potholder over victor and rolf;) (although V&R looks like pretty crazily interesting stuff)

  3. oooohh! mooie jurk renilde, echt!! en die laatste foto is fantastisch!

  4. Zij heeft smaak! Barbarella of Victorine of Victoria (klinkt als een overwinning) en ze staat prachtig in haar nieuwe creatie. We kunnen het Arthur niet kwalijk nemen dat hij in haar buurt wil zijn. Arme jongen...

  5. She is very Barbarella! I love her pot holder dress and I usually love Viktor & Rolf too, but that pink number is a bit too much for me! Give me the pot holder over that any day ;) Fun post, Renilde! Kylie x

  6. oh, she is lovely Barbarella- has she heard roy orbison´s pretty woman, i wonder?

    ps. can you give a kiss to poor Arthur for me?

  7. your imagination and poetry in everything you do with what surrounds you is like balm for the soul,
    true artist you are, renilde

  8. I think Barbies were created after Jane Fonda. Or they couldn't, is that right? So they predestined Jane Fonda's existence.
    Now I want a dress from a potholder.

  9. waaaw Renild das weer zo schoon!!! de modewereld is soms een echt circus, maar van jou wereldje wordt je blij! heb je al eens het circus van Calder gezien? t geeft mij hetzelfde gevoel! zje

  10. THe interview is the Etsy Monday - handy hadns corner post. It is mostly about what I do for my Etsy shop. It is not very interesting after all :))

  11. Ah yes, Barbie Barbarella.

  12. Ooooohhh she's so cool! Can't believe she doesn't care much for her new dress? Barbarella, by the way, seems like THE name for her... ;o)

  13. oh, i love her! the dress is gorgeous. that is sooo inspiring. makes me want to get out my crochet hooks again after all this time. *