October 02, 2009

Our dreamhouses :-)

I got this little surprise in my letterbox the other
day. I'm so happy with it!
Read more about the book at Barbara's blog, we
are with seven participants and pop over to
Elisabeth and Anaïs to see more if you like.


  1. I saw it on Elisabeth's blog yesterday + it's so exciting!
    Congratulations Renilde :)
    I have to confess, I've already bought a copy.
    Can't wait for it to wing its way all the way to Australia :)

  2. hee renilde, blij dat ik je blog kan zien!! heb eindelijk ook arthurs verhaal kunnen lezen! alles is weer mooi mooi mooi hier! x

  3. dat is fantastisch nieuws! proficiat!

  4. It is cool how you made a doll house out of the pictures with dollhouses. At first I thought the photographed dollhouse was built up of books and dreamed about my childhood for a little bit.
    I hope I will be able to get the book one day!

  5. looks wonderful, I have to get it

  6. the book looks soooooo gooooood !!!!!!!!
    i love your part a lot lot !!!!!!!

    have a happy chinese moon festival day today !

  7. this looks like such a great project to be apart of. congratlations!