September 27, 2009


This Barbie was found in the shop where i'm work -
king; that is now more than two years ago.
After some time my colleagues gave her to me
because there were no claims.
So, i took her home last week, but not after i
informed the other residents of my appartment.
Initially they were very exited an anxious to see
her, for they had never seen a 'real' girl in their
entire life!
But when i came home with her at the end, the
house was empty and quiet as a mouse .

Our heros were all hidden in the birdhouse :-)

And three hours later they were still there and
kept quiet.

Yep, it is true, even dolls have to cope with stress
Sleep well :-)

September 25, 2009

My favourites.

I love this book.
But i'm only showing my favourites:
Hiroshi Sugito
Yoshitomo Nara
Shintaro Miyake
Masahiko Kuwahara
Takashi Murakami

September 23, 2009

A day at my work :-)

While unwrapping the birdwhistles, i bumped into
an owl, a polar bear, a boy poking his nose into
a mysterious black spot, a white square, a panda
like spot.
Hope you enjoyed your work too!

September 19, 2009

About Irish crochet.

I promised a friend to learn some Irish crochet,
but the problem is that i 've forgotten quite a
lot :-( . How to make the flowers and rosettes i
can easily find in books, but i have difficulties with
the leave-shaped forms , for it was more improvi-
I just need some time to do it over, and that is
exactly my problem, i have to many hobbies
and always lack of time :-).

Made an x-ray.
I found the description for this lovely Irish
crochet netting, it is looking more complicated
than it is.

At the point of turning the picot upside down,
it is coming below.

Have also a look here & here& here,
and for the Japanese readers here & here.
Good night.

September 18, 2009

A nocturnal surprise.

I took some photos last night...


...this morning.
A surprise packet from Elisabeth!
Wow :-)

September 15, 2009

Beautiful brushes.

Clothes brushes, 1950s and 1960s.

Smal broom from the 1930s and Chinese broom.

Hat brushes from 19th century.

From China, Thailand and India.

Russian, used to dust felt game tables.

Barber's brushes.

Mine, they look pretty neglected, don't they?

I was browsing into some old Selvedges and
took some photographs,
if you like to browse too, click here.

(for clarity's sake, these brushes or not mine!!!,
i took the photo's from an old Selvedge textile
magazine, my own collection is shown on the
last photo. I'm sorry for this deceptive post.)