September 11, 2009

What kind of things do i do on a free day?

Well, stay in bed and read for a while...
then, messing around in the house with my
pyjamas on...
and having my morning shower at noon...
thinking about cleaning the house
( only thinking, remember :-)
What else?

Well, sorting out my woolen samples...

... and trying out some new colours and techniques...

... browse into my textile books, and enjoying old
embroideries, like this 17th century caterpilar...

... making a surprise packet...

... and having big fun!



  1. oooh leuk! hopelijk ben je uitgerust! we spreken elkaar gauw! (zondag opening kevin?)

  2. looks and sounds like a perfect free day!

  3. That little owl thingie is so cute..what is it used for?

  4. to runtstarr: the 3 pink cuties are thimbles,
    funny they remind you on an owl, i didn't noticed :-)

  5. i love these kind of days!!!!

  6. I think I will try one of those days tomorrow - sounds nice.

  7. haha! sounds pefect for me!

  8. I really like the things you do on a free day! My free days: take a walk next to the sea, think about cleaning my house (haha, I have stolen that one from you - I like it! so much better than really cleaning the house), cut out pictures, words and letters from old magazines, do a journal page, read a chapter from Daphne du Maurier's memoir, go to get a DVD to watch tonight, read a few blogs. (PS Oh, I wish I could speak Dutch, I can read it as it is quite close to Afrikaans, but find it difficult to understand when people speak fast (like in a Dutch movie, for example). I often have to ask my husband to translate (he is half-Dutch, half-German).

  9. sounds like time well spent :)

  10. ah, "turning my mind back to point zero", i`m waiting for that. hopefully already on wednesday i`m also going to do that:)

  11. I like your knitting, so lovely:)