August 30, 2011

Beautiful seeds.

I've got these beautiful seeds from Coco,
they come from her own garden :^)
I hope the Belgian climate is ok for these crops,
especially love the cardiospermum lampions.
have a look here too.

bitter melon
pink morning glory seeds in the second picture.

Thanks a million Coco :^)

fried tofu
ginger lemon soda


August 29, 2011

Billie's drawing.

I got this nice drawing from my little niece who
stayed over this weekend together with her brother J.
I'm pictured in the middle of the drawing with my
lovely house on the left and lots of sunshine; the
smaller black construction with the pink roof is
likely a little shed, for my laundry perhaps.
The green object is my car.
She said the drawing was for me, I only had to
color in the rubber that is holding my hair; I've chosen
for a light blue, that was ok for her :^)
I like my heart-dress.

August 26, 2011

The Blue Path.

Thank you everybody for the nice responses,
it really feels good to get all this feedback :)

Finally here's the second part of The Blue Path;
ironically the work is about a quest, getting lost and
darkening, ha!
I included two eclipses, the one below and the one
on picture 6;
The picture above is a boat surrounded
by St. Elmo's Fire

Reverse of the Three Golden Fleeces.

St. Elmo's Fire.

St. Elmo's Fire pattern.

For a larger view, double-click!
And I've put some more on my flickr pages.

Have a nice weekend everybody and thanks again!

August 23, 2011

The catalogue.

The catalogue arrived this morning :^)
Boro work pants in the second picture.

Finally some photo's of my work - which has never
arrived at it's destination so, I suppose it got
lost; luckily I took these pictures before sending
the parcel; you can double-click and have a closer
look, I left them in the original size.
The work is calling 'The Blue Path'

Have a look here, in case you like to order the catalogue

more pictures to come.
Goodnight :)

August 20, 2011

Weaving on cloth.

finished some potholders this morning and used
the same trick as I did here with the loose ends;
I took a piece of coarsely woven bourette silk for the
base so the weaving was an easy job; I think this
pattern would be nice for a cushion, very summery.

Toad and poppy seedboxes, sunshine.

Have a nice weekend all :^)

August 17, 2011

A mixed lot, part 5

I'm feeling quite uncomfortable because of the
missing parcel, there's really little chance it will
arrive before the end of the show, if it will arrive
at all :(
Luckily I've made a whole pile of photos before the
shipping; you will see them here after the show is past.
And luckily I'm also featured in the accompanying catalogue
of the exhibition; in case you want to order one, have
a look here.

So, in anticipation of the real stuff, I still have the
trick of the mixed lot :^)

- mieke's pilea peperomioides is doing very well,
so it needs a bigger pot soon.
- made a matching necklace for my plain orange blouse.
- browsing l'Atelier Brancusi, more nice pictures here.
- stones & flowers
- bought a small & cheap ceramic vase in the garden centre,
wild carrot.


August 15, 2011

Mother's Day, two gardens.

Mom's garden and...

... mine

August 13, 2011

Little men.

I've found again this snapshot of Joe, taken
on a summer's day in the late afternoon, about
two years ago; the photo reminds me a bit of
'The Incredible Shrinking Man' ; I've seen that movie
long time ago, very long time ago, so I only remember
the man starts to shrink, maybe to atomic size:
Closing Monologue.

And bought a water hyacint to make a small
aquarium, the dino is plastic :)

Have a nice weekend all!

August 06, 2011

Yesterday's walk.

Had a nice walk with mieke yesterday afternoon;
lots of Angelica's in the park and pyjama bugs everywhere.

I've found a recipe for candied Angelica here,
and a less time-consuming here;
the man in the movie is preparing a vanilla icecream
in the end, with mango pureé and an Angelica topping,
We had a vanilla icecream with strawberries after
our walk and that's also ok :^)

note: for the recipe you will need the sweetsmelling
Angelica archangelica.

have a nice weekend all!

August 04, 2011

:-( damn!

I almost haven't slept last night because of anger
and frustration; the package with the textiles for
the exhibition at MR KITLY got lost in the post,
at least, it hasn't arrived yet!
I also feel very sorry for Dell who curated
this exhibition and has put a lot of energy and love in this
project to get everything done.
So I just wanted to say this: Taxipost EMS international
really sucks, I'm sorry :(

There will be a catalogue available during the exhibition
and online soon!


August 02, 2011

On my terrace.

I love to see how quickly everything starts to grow
and blossom now, especially the wildflowers are doing
very well; the lovely pinky purple flower is a cockle.
I try to collect as many seeds for next summer
but I can not resist buying new plants every time I'm
in the garden centre :^)
The blue palm is one of my latest purchases and also
the kangaroo paw.

Made some more photo's from the tower; love to see
how the light is changing all the time.

Buckwheat, corn flower, cockle and red clover.

One buckwheat seed

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams :^)