October 30, 2014

evening glow

tree outside my window short before sunset

October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014

the Maple

I was in the parc this afternoon...
there's a beautiful Maple near the water
I did not really intend to take a walk
so I kept moving back and forth near the tree to watch the ducks and swans and the people that were gathering leaves under the tree
there was also a girl laying on her back and making pictures with her cell phone
I think she was Japanese

October 23, 2014

my inspirations

I stumbled upon this amazing series of slime molds or myxomycetes, while I was trying to identify 'my mold' on the photo;
it turned out to be a red raspberry slime mould.

so much rain here the last few days and as often soaked, but the better for the fungi!
I was thinking, collecting mushrooms, wether they are edible or not,  gives the same trill as looking for Easter eggs, at least, that's how I remember it :)
watching a pretty colored 'weird' object in an overall grey-brown ( green for the kids ) surrounding, 
a parallel universe full of expectations

October 19, 2014

walk on Ponderosa Lane

walk on Ponderosa Lane in the woods of my hometown,
looking for mosses because mom desperately wanted some for her floral arrangements

October 17, 2014

new vase from the thrift, clean windows & sunset cushion, not yet finished
have a nice weekend all!

October 16, 2014

October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

a new batch of potholders have arrived at uguisu
the cushion below is already sold, sorry
but this one is stil available, and also a swirl
more detailed pictures on my flickr

October 10, 2014


happy weekend all :)

October 09, 2014