August 25, 2012


It was somewhere in February that Hermine from JOURNAL DE JOURS asked me if I wanted to contribute to a project for her graduation; I immediately said yes, without hesitation :)

The starting point for her project was the same letter package that some people would receive, containing some inspiration images that Hermine had chosen for us, together with small coloured scraps, yarn and fabric patches. The mission was to create something new from the materials provided or to be inspired by it. You can read more about the project on her blog.
to get activated, because I had no clue of what I wanted to make, I started making photos of the pictures that were in the letter, combining them with junk that I've found in my studio and funny shadows that appeared on sunny days.

My end product was a jabot made of bubble wrap and scraps of painted fabric, pinned on a yellow blouse that I had started years ago and never finished,
it is finished now :^)
Thank you Hermine!

August 20, 2012

August 17, 2012

Knots Collective a pop-up shop

Alessandra from la casita will have a pop-up shop in London during the design week
I was making some new labels for the cushions and mobiles, a time consuming job I must admit and maybe I just let them print the next time, but I'm happy with the result now and glad I've crafted them together myself; I think these are nice colors for another cushion :^)

Have a nice weekend to all!

August 16, 2012

Second life for paper trash.

I've dressed up the curtains a bit with pieces of cardboard, coloured plastic and dyed silkpaper that was coated with paraffin afterwards to make it transparent, everything is stuck on the back with tape, very easy and also easy to replace if I want something new; the kitchen window doesn't need any decoration, only an occasional pruning :^)

I promised the recipe for the onion pie
you need:
half a kilo of red onions
30 gr butter
2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
15 gr brown sugar
25 gr raisens
1 tablespoon of fresh thyme
let braise until onions and raisens are caramelized
when the pie goes into the oven, you put the slices of goat's cheese and some walnuts on top; bake until the goat's cheese begins to bubble and brown a little, that's about 20 min, 225°C

second life for paper trash

August 11, 2012

The table.

One very important item was still missing on the terrace... something to sit and eat on :^)
but yesterday afternoon the table arrived and she was of course immediately taken into use!
I made a sweet onion pie with goat cheese and walnuts and fresh thyme from the garden, bliss!

Have a nice weekend all!

August 09, 2012

Fluo balls.

Only visible on dark photos :)

August 05, 2012

New mobiles.

I've been very busy lately with making new mobiles and haven't had the time to make good pictures, so I made these shots very quickly in between. I promise to post better ones :)
The mobiles will be soon for sale at fine little day shop and knots.

Lazy Stella is still my guest :^)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

August 02, 2012

macrame samples.

I got these macrame samples from a friend, they are really very small, so while I was arranging them, they reminded me a bit of jellyfish and other deepsea creatures :^)
the sponge, jellyfish and seaworm in the upper left were crocheted by me when I was very into Irish crochet.
I loved to watch 'voyage to the bottom of the sea' when I was a kid and especially loved that typical submarine sound :^)
The sample in the second picture is a piece of lace.

goodnight & sweet dreams!