January 31, 2010

Sunday walk.

Sunny Sunday, a walk in the Nachtegalen park.
Have a look at Mieke Willems too.

The giveaway's still running till saturday.

January 29, 2010


Do you remember my wardrobe clean-up?
Well, i found this beret in my closet, i made one
for a friend some years ago and wanted a copy
for myself, problem is i never wear berets :-)
So, this beret was supposed to be mine, it is brand-new
and made of red, marine and white cotton.
Size medium, i guess.

In case you planned a hold up for this summer,
and you would like to do it in style, sign up for this beret
by leaving a comment.
I will pick one of you on Saturday 6th of February.
Happy Weekend all of you!

January 27, 2010

Arthur's rhyme.

i'm working on my flickr, i made my first sets yesterday
evening, one is called 'While i'm sleeping', featuring
Arthur as the leading man; it is a set about dreams
and desires and the mystery of life, which can be really hard,
but wonderful at the same time.

This silly rhyme came popping up in my brain this morning,
when i was still in bed; I tried to imagine how a poem would
sound in case it was made by a doll, like Arthur.

to see the flickr slideshow click here.

(flickr under construction)

sweet dreams :-)
( Arthur's rhyme is a blue one )

January 26, 2010


I removed the video, it was too much slowing down
my blog, i'm sorry.

the exhibition i called 'Infantization'.
The first image is a still from 'Meteor'

January 23, 2010

No title.

Sometimes It happens that I can't get a clear picture
from what I want to communicate; for example
these vague stonelike shapes at the bottom
of the embroiderie, i wanted something white in white,
but I can't decide yet what these are gonna be, i'm changing
my mind every other minute, I think it will be better to put
this one aside instead of racking my brain about it .
I know from experience time will bring a solution, don't have
to force anything.

That's me on the second pic, I guess about 25,
don't remember what I was making either :-)

have a nice weekend!

January 20, 2010

Derek Jarman's Garden.

You may remember I made plans for a gardenproject,
well then, because of my touch of flu I couln't go out but,
I had oceans of time to look and read in this wonderful
book of Derek Jarman's garden.
The garden and fisherman's cottage are located in the
south of England, Jarman bought the little house in 1986 and
called it Prospect Cottage.
The garden started accidentally: a driftwood staff was used
to stake a dog rose, flints protected the seedlings.
Over the coming year more beachcombed treasures were added.
I made a selection of photos from the book, i've chosen for the
close-ups, in case you like to see more views look here .
Found also a little movie.

Under this blue sky
my clock-faced flowerbeds
reflect the orb of the sun.
They guard its rising
and mark its setting
in the western land.
They never sleep.

Sea kale (crambe maritima)

I love this fairy-tale beauty :-)

Driftwood and bucket handle.

Sea kale in seed and in flower.
Sleep well everybody and thanks for your sympathy :)
I'm turning in now , tomorrow working day!
( photographs by Howard Sooley)

January 19, 2010

Stay indoors.

Two bright spots on my - for the rest rather gloomy
and dull - indoor days, with lots of coughing fits and
even more wet handkerchiefs :-(
First, the birds arrived!
Second, saw Ozu's masterpiece 'Tokyo Story'.
I won the birds at Bohemian Girl New Year's Give Away.
See also her Etsy Shop.
Thank you so much Magda! They're great!

January 17, 2010

The eskimo jacket.

This is part three of my big wardrobe clean-up.
The jacket has shrunk bit by bit and I gained some
kilos over the years :-)

I felt pretty rough today, spend the greater part of
the Sunday in bed with a sore throat and aching muscles,
but enjoyed reading my very first moomin book!
For those who are not hibernating, keep warm!

January 16, 2010

Stellet licht.

I borrowed these snow photos from W, who has taken
them some time ago at his brother's farm.
They remind me of 'Silent Light', a movie that has left a
deep impression on me;
the story's very simple, it is about a family man (Johan)
who falls in love with another woman.
At a certain moment Johan, a very religious man,
seeks advice from his father;
they are both men of few words, but after some time, the
father says 'lets go outside and watch the snow'
And that is what they do, they go out and watch the snow.

The film begins with a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise,
click here and take your time.

The photo with the seal is mine.

January 14, 2010

new scarf.

I'm knitting a new scarf, i want him to
match with my favourite bonnet and gloves,
i think he does.
It was warm and sunny today.
My favourite Lartigue photo, a selfportrait :)

January 13, 2010

A garden.

I took these photos in the Rubenshouse courtyard, i was
there to see an exhibition , but got more interested in the
beautiful renaissance garden though, especially that old
pine and the many clematis vitalba bushes; it felt as if i
was coming face to face with a school of manic muppet
Anyway, i'm going to post more gardens in the future, for it
is an old love of mine; when i was a child i had my own mini-garden
on my father's property, it had a surface from about 10 square
meters, my dad used to dump there his cast-offs :)
I don't have a garden now, i'm not counting my blackberry fielt,
but my love for gardens will stay for ever:)
ps. the tiles come from Rubens' kitchen.

January 11, 2010

My wardrobe, part two.

This zigzag jumper has always been my favourite,
to be honest, i'm not really keen to give him up:(,
but he perfectly fits his new owner :)

Live goes on :) ( to be continued )

January 10, 2010

Big wardrobe cleanup.

I know a perfect way to create those tiny well organised drawers
( in order to compose my thoughts and to develop self-control :)
only have to clean up my place, that's simple,
a neat place stands for a bright mind :)
Problem is, can't throw anything away; that goes also
for my wardrobe, even when the garments have become far too
tight or too girlish for my age.
OK, i made a decision, I'm having a big cleanup and will post
in the next following weeks all the knitwear i once made that
are worth while of showing here.
Only need to make the photos ...

This is my crammed wardrobe, and...

...these are not my legs, i wish they were.
The same for the shoes!

The advertisement comes from Chris Ware's