January 20, 2010

Derek Jarman's Garden.

You may remember I made plans for a gardenproject,
well then, because of my touch of flu I couln't go out but,
I had oceans of time to look and read in this wonderful
book of Derek Jarman's garden.
The garden and fisherman's cottage are located in the
south of England, Jarman bought the little house in 1986 and
called it Prospect Cottage.
The garden started accidentally: a driftwood staff was used
to stake a dog rose, flints protected the seedlings.
Over the coming year more beachcombed treasures were added.
I made a selection of photos from the book, i've chosen for the
close-ups, in case you like to see more views look here .
Found also a little movie.

Under this blue sky
my clock-faced flowerbeds
reflect the orb of the sun.
They guard its rising
and mark its setting
in the western land.
They never sleep.

Sea kale (crambe maritima)

I love this fairy-tale beauty :-)

Driftwood and bucket handle.

Sea kale in seed and in flower.
Sleep well everybody and thanks for your sympathy :)
I'm turning in now , tomorrow working day!
( photographs by Howard Sooley)


  1. a beautiful garden. I like the onion flower in the first photo

  2. I love this book so much. It's been ages since I've leafed through it. Thanks for the reminder - it's well-worth remembering. K

  3. This makes me wish for a own garden even more.

  4. Wow I would love to go south of England in search of this hidden treasure...I've been reading about gardens down south and they are fascinating because of the choice of the plants ..."normal" plants cannot survive the sea salt winds.
    thanks for the links and the very interesting post :)
    hope you are feeling better...ciao

  5. It's one of my favourite book, so inspiring and beautiful.
    Thank you

  6. thank you for your inspiration - i have to pick up a copy of this book!

  7. Jaren terug stonden zijn boeken altijd in de etalage van 'Copyright' in Gent. Ik ging dan altijd even snuisteren. Vind ze inspirerend.

  8. I have to look for that book- I can be an excellent armchair-gardener and this will definitely help me perfect the art! Be well!
    Annamaria xx

  9. that book is one of my favorites too!
    (i like that writing "the sunne rising" on the side of the cottage and the diary.)

    have you seen the movie Blue?

    i have found another beautiful little book of garden:
    Hannu Sarenström / Rimfrost och trädgårdsdrömmar.

  10. wow - that is really wonderful!

  11. heb het boek lang geleden doorgebladerd, maar was vergeten hoe mooi het is. heb zelf geen groene vingers, maar vind het erg fijn om naar mooie afbeeldingen van bloemen te kijken. geeft veel inspiratie

  12. to ritva: haven't seen that movie yet.
    I will look for that book, thanks!

  13. how what beauty! i want to live there

  14. Good to see an old treasure again it is a wonderful inspiring book, Derek Jarman was a gem.

  15. so nice to see these images, as we have been buried in snow for quite some time.

  16. I have visited this charming and uplifting garden - the ironic thing is that it is just a few yards from a very ugly nuclear power station.

  17. this is one of my favorite books.... it even inspired us to choose black to paint our house!

  18. The huge power station makes all the little cottages look even smaller. The 3D writing on one of the walls of the cottage is beautiful too. The amount of pebbles is unbelievable and there are plenty of abandoned sheds, boats and “strange details”. Dungeness is so desolate, quirky and well worth a visit. I like the book too.