January 02, 2010

Slow down.

while keeping still and silent,
doing nothing,
spring will come and grass will grow
all by itself

Ritva wrote these wise words to me some days ago.

I will keep them in mind in the future.
Had a very relaxed day though, only did pleasant things
such as embroider and making soup.

Started this 'wormhole' series about a year ago,
the two I'm showing here are still in progress.
Look here and here and here for the finished ones.
I will show them together in one post when the series comes
to an end.

This was on the radio the afternoon, actually meant
for kids +6, but i loved it.
Sweet Dreams :)


  1. Hello Renilde - I love your embroidery work - it's so detailed, and has such a presence about it. I think I could easily fill my house with your art work, and I'd still want more? :) I love what Ritva wrote... so true isn't it?! Hope you are having a great time! :)

  2. Renilde you are the master of embroidery!!! I love those, all of them!
    Did you make the red biet soup?
    Good night and sleep tight!

  3. Oh I love that soup, the taste, the colour...just perfect!

  4. ooh beet soup. must look so great!
    i love this embroidery series.. always have. nice to have some long term projects. i should start something.

  5. I really adore these. I recently got a book called "Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery" by Fangel, Winckler, and Madsen. Inspires me to do tiny stitching.

  6. good morning, dear renilde. wish you have a nice sunday


  7. Ik heb ook heel veel nood en een traag begin van het jaar. En Olek schoot een beer paste er perfect in. Heb het ook gehoord. De soep staat nu nog te garen op het vuur. Misschien straks met een kom in de hand het boek van Olek induiken.

  8. so pretty!

    i really loved a little tree i found on your blog someday, so i cross stiched a small wood -you can see a picture of it on my blog.

  9. aan Inge: heb je het boek met de CD??
    ik vond de muziek ook heel erg mooi.

  10. beautiful.

    I haven't done cross-stitch for so long.... you're really inspiring.

  11. hi renilde, always beautiful here. ill keep in mind that spring will come however slowly. happy new year!

  12. Loveley lovely post Renilde!

  13. Just beautiful. Everything!

  14. There's something very calming about these three photos... your embroidery is so beautiful.

  15. I so agree theses photos are very soothing...and so your words. It is a delight to have found your blog. Happy Sunday.

  16. your embroideries are truly wonderful and your blog so inspiring ! thank you for sharing so much beauty, it's like a sunray on this grey day.
    Happy 2010 !

  17. thank you renilde for sharing the lovely words from ritva...they are helping me now as I feel a little wobbly about what I ought to be doing , when all I want to do is nothing :)

  18. Happy new year Renilde!
    I can't wait to see what happens in 2010...

  19. Love the mood of your blog - and quiet and thoughtful post today.

    Ritva is a very special lady, and quite the poet too...

  20. oh, dear- thank you!

    i think it´s an old chinese phrase,
    glad if you liked it:)