May 31, 2013

happy weekend all!

May 27, 2013

the agave

I worked a bit in the 'garden' this past weekend; the agave needed another jar, so this was the perfect moment to put the shoots in separate pots. I wonder if they're going to survive, cause I've removed the greater part of their huge roots. We'll see
The piece of cardboard below is a tribute to the very windy, cold en wet month of May,
However, it was warm & sunny today :^)

Crassula Pyramidalis, from my favorite seventies cactus book


May 23, 2013

then and now

it's nice to go in time every now and then to see how the plants have evolved; especially with cacti and succulents I always have the feeling that there's really no movement in their growth...
but that is not true!
The photo above was taken in April 2012; I just had bought a sedum, but it ended between the bicycle weel during my trip home from the flower shop

... the ugly duckling today :)

May 17, 2013

the 'night' cushion will be available at atelier solarshop and the 'koi' and 'day' cushions at knots
I'm a cactus lover lately, a mini-mini cactus lover :^)

Have a super weekend all!

May 09, 2013

nature in full swing...

... sneezing all day long while crocheting potholders :^)
- blue is my favorite color for now.
May is wonderful!

May 06, 2013

koi, 2

both koi cushions will be available at knots soon
koi 1

May 04, 2013

night & day

I've been very busy making smyrna cushions the last few weeks;
they will be on sale at knots very soon!
Hope your weekend started well :)