June 30, 2014


I've got a nice bunch of wildflowers from a friend, including the lovely vase :^)

June 29, 2014

a mixed lot 20

rabbit, found here
map of Belgium and its neighboring countries, more maps here
graffiti in the woods

June 27, 2014


all these will be soon for sale at uguisu,
and also this one
more detailed photos on my flickr pages
happy weekend all!

June 24, 2014

more Vosges

this photo was taken in 'La Vallée des Loups', the valley of wolves;
they have apparently returned in this region...
anyway,  the forest looked quite spooky to me, even without the wolves :)

June 23, 2014

the Vosges

hi, I'm back from my lazy holiday in the Vosges and still have to get used to my daily routine; tomorrow back to work, sigh

the walled herbal garden on the picture above was not far from where we were staying, so I popped in almost every day; I've seen there many beetles & butterflies I only knew from books ...
felt like a kid in a candy store :^)
more garden pics on my flickr pages

June 13, 2014

new cushion

also on the way to uguisu: this cushion, this one and this one

I'm leaving for a short break to the French Vosges tomorrow morning :)

have a nice weekend all!

June 12, 2014

new potholders

potholders for uguisu
oats in a vase, pretty & dirt cheap :)

June 10, 2014

about grasses etc...

I brought home some grasses from my yesterday walk;
the one in the vase is Barren brome;
that in the picture above is Wavy hairgrass.

the fairy-like cocoon below is the egg sac of a spider I will not show here :)
and this one is even better
and this one too

for the enthusiasts : O

June 09, 2014

whitsun weekend...

... was hot & stormy, with heavy rainshowers and even hail, but also lovely and sunny and great to work in the garden and go for a walk afterwards :)

June 05, 2014

happy at home

I've got some strands of black wool from my mom that she in turn got from one of her crafting friends; my mom said she knew this wool from the old days;
the spinning mill near Brussels was called d'Aoust & frères, but no longer exist, too bad.
such pretty wraps!

brought a bunch of white matthiolas, they smell very sweet and summery,
I can hear the swallows screaming through the open window,
a postcard from a friend...
happy at home :)

June 02, 2014

my inspirations

I like making foto's just before bedtime, it's kind of my way to close off the day, so I'm happy with a moth on a curtain :^)
like this harlequin.
the subtle yellows and ochres on it's wings inspired me to make this cushion; while I'm not really a lover of the black&yellow combination, I think the colors are beautiful together.
The oak branches with gallnuts was also a nightshot, the shadows of the leaves came from the street lightning and the moon. bliss :)

dragonfly in the park of Hoboken