December 30, 2009

On my free day.

I'm always full of good intentions of what i'm
going to do on my free day, such as finishing off
all the stuff that i once have started, like these
little patchworks for example. The one on the first
pic only needs 5min. more i guess.
But you know how it goes on a free day, you stay
a bit longer in bed, you take your time to have
breakfast, hanging around in your pyjamas,
have some reading and check the post.
Eventually you take your morningshower at noon,
then you stay in front of your stove, warming up your
backside in deep contemplation about life and your
objectives :) etc. etc.
OK, i just wanted to say, before you know it is already
3 in the afternoon, so you have one more hour of daylight.
Now comes the stress :(
I messed up the bird, not this one but the red version.
I messed up the dress i was making, but it reminded me
to much of a nun's habit anyway.
To cut a long story short: i did nothing.

Something cheering to end: this beautiful pattern
is the reverse of the one above, i got it from the second-
handshop, department men's ties. You should go
and see there if you like crazy little patterns!
Still don't know what i'm gonna do with the bird,
it really needs a finishing touch.
I'm open to suggestions!!
Have a happy New Year's Eve!
See you next year.

December 29, 2009

Royal mail from UK.

I almost couln't believe my eyes when opening
this present box from the lovely Alessandra.
Everything was wrapped in beautiful papers with
nice strings and buttons and a handmade little bag!
Have a look.
One nice Clipper organic green tea, i love that Clipper

A card with nice words and drawings.

A mushroom book, only the edible ones.
This is a picture of the ones we were hunting for.

A book of ships.

I recycled the wrapping material to make a wild
and stormy see and...

... a detail of the wrappingpaper to make a viewmaster pic.
Thank you so much Alessandra!
x x x

December 27, 2009

Free tickets!

Send an e-mail to : Where the Wild Things are
100 duo-tickets for free! on release december 30
Have a nice Sunday all, i'm going to make a dress,
and later maybe a movie :)

December 25, 2009

Christmastime for the birds too.

This could be a birds reading of a very lavish
Christmas dinner, namely, a bunch of fat, juicy
honeybee larvae, frozen in by Willy, who is a bee-keeper
and put aside for the very cold winterdays.
The place is crawling with birds, mostly tits and
blackbirds, some robins and one nuthatch couple.
Love to watch this while having breakfast :-)

Hope everybody had a nice time last days.

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

I'm leaving to the countryside this evening, having
Christmas celebration with my family.
Finished the little jumper yesterday evening
at the very last moment, sticking at my stove.
Got struck by the heat all of a sudden, just like
that poor little froggie who swallowed the Christmas
lightning by accident, we show the same flush :-)
You can see me chilling here in a cold and pretty dark room,
that's why the photo is so unsharp.
Isn't that looking forties Hollywood style! (E&K)
Or rather forties Hollywood comic strip.
For all animal lovers amongst us, it turned out well with the frog,
he was set free soon after he was discovered by the owner
of the lightning, only felt a bit warm according to his saviour.

Wishing everybody a nice and Warm Christmas!

December 22, 2009

Cold :-( .

Love snow but i can't stand the cold.
I have three enormous windows in my living room/
workplace, and very high ceilings, so it's
virtually impossible to warm this place sufficiently
with only one stove when it is freezing outside.
So i stay in the neighbourhood of the fire, what makes
my sphere of action very 'petit' and brings me in a
rotten mood sometimes.
But on the other hand, the cold is a suitable excuse
to do nothing and turn in a warm blanket to watch a movie.
Have you already seen 'In the mood for love'?
Definitely one of my favourites, love the soundtrack too!
Click here to see the trailer, what you hear is Yumeji's Theme.

Still from the movie.

December 20, 2009

Playing shop, part two.

I made an extra soap powder, a crate of oranges,
a pot of mayonaise ( her favourite sauce), which
i forgot to photograph, another powder (DASH),
forgot too. Also a pack of semolina and a sack of cat's box litter;
i suppose it is the same stuff one uses for little ponies?
The little mutton cube box comes from the Turkish shop.
Found in the secondhandshop an apple and a pear,
a jerrycan, a pink merry-go-round, the ponies and
some wooden blocks.
The beautyproducts are little samples for bodymilk
and handcream.
The little soldier (a gift from Mieke) and the wooden
dolls are my property, i keep them for myself.
The snowman also.

Have a nice evening everybody :-)

December 19, 2009

A garden...

... from my sister and her husband Willy,

Horses from the neighbours.


December 17, 2009

Finally snow.

Finally snow, i love the muffling effect of it.
Went home from work walking, i was too scared
to drive my bicycle, but i enjoyed my evening trip.

Saw this photo in the newspaper last week.
Beautiful but sad, made by an unknown.
There's a butterfly right in the middle of the picture,
seems he found a little gap to escape from hard reality.

Dried mushrooms on the windowsill.

December 16, 2009

For Billie.

These little nicknacks were meant for my little
niece's grocery shop that she got for her St Nicolas.
In all fairness I have to admit that i was pretty
overkeen to make all that lilliput stuff.
As a little girl in the early sixties, i envied my
schoolfriend's little shop a lot! Especially the mini
cleaning products and the soap powders had my
great admiration.
The ever-cherished desire of having a grocery shop
of my own never came to fruition, so i tried my fortune
the other day, this is the result :-)
It is out of the question my little niece will like
this retro stuff, possibly the little bottles and the
hamburger. She's a modern almost 4year old girl who
likes Pink, so I will have to do this all over.
I will show the improved version in another post,
i found some 'my little pony' miniatures in the
secondhand shop yesterday.

That's her.
I manipulated the colours a bit, so she looks
more a sixties girl.

I added my pencil sharpener as a reference.

To be continued.

December 15, 2009

At the M HKA.

I braved the bitter cold today to see the textile
exhibition in the M HKA .
Took some photos of Varvara Stepanova's
textile designs.
(the rest of the exhibition i will show in another post)
The horizontal photos are taken by me in the
museum, i googled the photo of Stepanova and
Rodchenko and also the costumes.
I like them a lot!

I also found a very nice textile site.
For Stepanova books, click here.