December 17, 2009

Finally snow.

Finally snow, i love the muffling effect of it.
Went home from work walking, i was too scared
to drive my bicycle, but i enjoyed my evening trip.

Saw this photo in the newspaper last week.
Beautiful but sad, made by an unknown.
There's a butterfly right in the middle of the picture,
seems he found a little gap to escape from hard reality.

Dried mushrooms on the windowsill.


  1. It is snowing here as well!
    The second picture is beautiful and bitter-sweet, she's sweet, the room is sweet, the television is bitter...

  2. So true- 'the muffling' effect of snow- I was once caught in a snow storm in an isolated house in the countryside in Greece(of all places)- The next day was so quiet, it was like the world had come to an end-(I was too young to enjoy the solitude then)
    Annamaria :)

  3. A snowman, an old Russian woman watching Putin, and a jar of dried mushrooms. What an interesting combination!

  4. sneeuw. we verlangen er naar. dan is het er. zalig als je tijd hebt om de natuur in te trekken. vervelend als je er met de wagen doorheen moet.
    die foto. we kijken. we lezen. en het leven gaat verder.
    ik vind de kleine spullen voor jouw nichtje zo schattig mooi gemaakt!

  5. bijzondere foto, maakt me zo nieuwsgierig.. echt willen zien.

  6. finally snow here too. since this evening even more and more. i came home few hours ago, but i can´t see my foot steps any more in the front yard. new snow has covered them already.