December 20, 2009

Playing shop, part two.

I made an extra soap powder, a crate of oranges,
a pot of mayonaise ( her favourite sauce), which
i forgot to photograph, another powder (DASH),
forgot too. Also a pack of semolina and a sack of cat's box litter;
i suppose it is the same stuff one uses for little ponies?
The little mutton cube box comes from the Turkish shop.
Found in the secondhandshop an apple and a pear,
a jerrycan, a pink merry-go-round, the ponies and
some wooden blocks.
The beautyproducts are little samples for bodymilk
and handcream.
The little soldier (a gift from Mieke) and the wooden
dolls are my property, i keep them for myself.
The snowman also.

Have a nice evening everybody :-)


  1. Ach... She will be so lucky!

  2. ok I'll come and play...fantastic! what a great auntie you are ^__^

  3. ik wil terug vijf jaar zijn!

  4. zooo mooi allemaal!!! hier kan ik uren naar kijken, wanneer mogen we komen spelen?

  5. How playful and lovely. Many nice details.

  6. Oh, I love the little bunny behind the card! He makes me smile.

    Have a great holiday! xoxo

  7. Fun stuff. So cheery looking.

  8. Oh, you've reminded me how I used to love playing 'shop' as a child - these look lovely, I want to go and do it now.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Love the little soldier!
    For some reason my boys always play at fish shops! They have quite a collection of plastic fish, catch them in a net,bang them on the head and then wrap them up in paper for me to take home...Savannah, however, would love this!