December 16, 2009

For Billie.

These little nicknacks were meant for my little
niece's grocery shop that she got for her St Nicolas.
In all fairness I have to admit that i was pretty
overkeen to make all that lilliput stuff.
As a little girl in the early sixties, i envied my
schoolfriend's little shop a lot! Especially the mini
cleaning products and the soap powders had my
great admiration.
The ever-cherished desire of having a grocery shop
of my own never came to fruition, so i tried my fortune
the other day, this is the result :-)
It is out of the question my little niece will like
this retro stuff, possibly the little bottles and the
hamburger. She's a modern almost 4year old girl who
likes Pink, so I will have to do this all over.
I will show the improved version in another post,
i found some 'my little pony' miniatures in the
secondhand shop yesterday.

That's her.
I manipulated the colours a bit, so she looks
more a sixties girl.

I added my pencil sharpener as a reference.

To be continued.


  1. I know how you feel...I worked almost 2 months to make my daughter xmas present: a dolls house and all my friends agree that is more for me than for her. To be honest is partly true...I always wanted a dolls house.
    I love your groceries shop, if I could I will come to play a bit with you!
    Your niece looks like a doll, she's adorable; and the picture really seems from the sixties,
    could be you! ciao.

  2. Always love your little stories Renilde, the pictures and the text.

  3. Oh! It's perfect! I particularly like the little rabbit mould. And the Omo washing powder looks so small next to the sharpner! Your little niece is so cute!

  4. oh lovely. i do so like (love actually) small versions of real things. Iris has some sweet kitchen-y bits and pieces. i found a vintage oven\hob for this Christmas. i want to put little hooks on the side so she can hang her pans!

  5. oh how adorable. you have a very lucky niece to have such a thoughtful aunt. i cant wait to see whats next.

  6. The retro groceries are so cool! You should definitely keep them - your little niece will be in love with them when she is in her 20's.

  7. these are so awesome. i would have loved it. she will too. maybe just a bit later, as anairam suggests :)

  8. oh oh oh oh oh! wat mooi allemaal!

  9. I LOVE this renilde , especially thr 100's and 1000's in the tiny glass jar , magical :)
    glad you got to make your own little kitchen.

  10. It is beautiful! I couldn't believe that you made it! I also envied tiny kitchens and shops for kids but I could only see them in Western shopping catalogs that got to us from Germany. Me and my cousin actually made tiny shop for ourselves, although it didn't occur to us, who knows why, to create tiny products with attractive packaging, we were making basic goods like carrots and bread out of clay that dries on air. And then we painted it. The shortage enhances creativity. But I will never forget how I WANTED THOSE SHOPS BADLY.

  11. i understand it perfectly - how fun it is to make all these tiny things, it's actually playing shops and homes - feeling like a child again. also it's true that it's almost more fun for us as for the little ones ;)) ha ha. but who cares? possibly they grow up and do the same - for their kids, or nieces.. but maybe i'm wrong. perhaps we do it so eagerly BECAUSE these things were un-reachable dream as we were kids (?)..