December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

I'm leaving to the countryside this evening, having
Christmas celebration with my family.
Finished the little jumper yesterday evening
at the very last moment, sticking at my stove.
Got struck by the heat all of a sudden, just like
that poor little froggie who swallowed the Christmas
lightning by accident, we show the same flush :-)
You can see me chilling here in a cold and pretty dark room,
that's why the photo is so unsharp.
Isn't that looking forties Hollywood style! (E&K)
Or rather forties Hollywood comic strip.
For all animal lovers amongst us, it turned out well with the frog,
he was set free soon after he was discovered by the owner
of the lightning, only felt a bit warm according to his saviour.

Wishing everybody a nice and Warm Christmas!


  1. Hollywood style I say!
    poor little frog, how terrible must be having a bulb light in your stomach yuk! and the little jumper is so lovely...gosh you are a fast knitter:)
    Many Happy Xmas to you Renilde!

  2. You do look very much forties Hollywood, just gorgeous! I envy your knitting skills, what a great little jumper.

    Enjoy your family getaway and have a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. Happy Christmas and a great 2010 to you beautiful Renilde.

  4. prettige kerst! In the countryside ligt nog een heel pak sneeuw.

  5. hope you had a nice Christmas Renilde, that jumper is very sweet x

  6. hee renilde,
    hopelijk was het leuk! de pakjes zien er goed uit, vooral dat truitje, waw!!

  7. poor little thing. the frog, not you. you look wonderful and i hope you had a lovely christmas with the family.